Collection of Demon Quotes and Sayings 

Keep reading for more creepy inspirational demon quotes for your daily fix. Deeply inspirational demon quotes will test your thinking and make your life worth living. These quotes about fighting your demons will give you the support you need. Your willingness to fight your demons will make your angels sing.

23 Demon Quotes 

May you be able to control yourself and keep the demons locked up so that they will never dare to enter your life.

All demons must be eliminated and none of them deserve a second chance.

Angels cannot enter hell unless the devil opens the door, and devils cannot enter heaven unless the angel tells the devil.

Demons are demons, and if you have them, you can banish them, banish them, or take them away.

It cannot be taken away from you, neither from angels, nor from demons, nor from heaven, nor from hell.

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The demon of pride was born with us; and he will not die an hour before us.

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Angelic glory will forever eclipse the world of demonic forces, just as the sun lights candles.

When we are ready to face this demon, we are facing an angel.

We have a demon, we have an angel inside of us, and in our soul you just play with him, and sometimes the evil side will be in a fight, in a very important decision, or before going to bed, and Win with your beloved.

Men who are afraid of demons see them everywhere.

It didn’t matter if he was a demon or not; there was suffering everywhere he looked.

On both shoulders, there are demons.

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Devil Quotes Collection

You enter this state and fall under the supplication of the devil.

Perhaps God will take pity on a race that searched for the best angels of their nature and found only their lesser demons.

If pride turned angels into demons, then surely humility could turn angels into demons.

It’s amazing how much so-called demons can influence our emotional state. We all have inner demons to fight, we call them demons, fear, hate and anger.

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Ultimately, we must learn to muster the courage to fight the demons in these dark times.

If I let the alcoholics take my demons, I’ll have to give up what I’ve found.

I do not believe in devils, but I believe in demons, because sooner or later everyone has some kind of demon, even if you call him by a different name, he leads them.

I can remind you that I am half Demon and I know very well how I am attracted to your dark side, just like the Angel in me is addicted to the shy and good girl standing in front of me now.

I clench my fists against my demons and flaws.

I still have to deal with my weight and a few other issues.

Former celebrities who prey on their own insecurities are known as demons.

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