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Ramasamy wants thinking people to see that their society is far from perfect and in desperate need of reform. Ramasamy has spent more than 50 years giving speeches preaching that all people are equal citizens, that people create distinctions based on caste and belief, so innocent and ignorant people are still the weakest in society. Here is the collection of Best Periyar Quotes and sayings from you can understand his point of view towards the society.

A rationalist and ardent social reformer, Ramasamy spent his life vigorously advocating for women’s rightful social status on an equal basis with men, a good education and the right to property.

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The philosophy of self-respect was based on his image of an ideal and generally recognized world.

Periyar Quotes

This very important awareness of self-respect, based on a sense of dignity and humiliation, can be considered an inalienable human right, since the very word “human” is a word based on dignity.

A man treats a woman as his property, and not as capable of feelings, as he is.

If a man has the right to claim a woman, then a woman should have the right to claim a man.

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The way men treat women is much worse than the way masters treat servants and the upper castes treat lower castes.

It is absurd to quote religion, God, or religious doctrines to make people lower castes.

In other countries, knowledge is respected, trusted and considered the basis of everything, and in India people believe only in rituals and ceremonies, in God, in religion and other nonsense.

Although all people are born equal, to say that only the Brahmins are the highest and all the rest are as low as Paria (Untouchables) or Panchama is complete nonsense.

A reformist God and a rational religion can only get a superstitious God and a blind religion.

The one who created God was a fool; one who spreads his name is a rascal, and one who worships him is a barbarian.

Since a person was forced to believe and trust the mysterious God, he is now forced to believe all the lies about Him.

Periyar Quotes

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The country will be considered independent only when the villagers completely get rid of god, religion, castes and blind beliefs.

Without a revolution in our relationship to religion, caste, customs, traditions, orthodoxy, God, and the commandments that underlie social tyranny, no amount of political reform will benefit the common people.

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The duty and responsibility of the rationalist is to act thoughtfully and quickly, with brotherly love, regardless of country, language, God, religion and caste.

If someone wants to serve society on the basis of humanism, then first of all he must make him think and behave rationally.

Periyar Quotes

The very task of social reform is to eliminate poverty from society and to ensure that people do not sell their conscience to earn a living.

Giving aid to one here and another in the form of food will not eliminate poverty.

If there is the right to divorce, the right of widows to remarry, and if certain rights are now given to women, we will not see prostitution in the country.

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