Blades of Glory Quotes: A Hilarious Journey on Ice

Embark on a sidesplitting adventure on the frosty rink with the uproarious film Blades of Glory. Delve into a collection of Blades of glory quotes that will leave you laughing and quoting along with the comedic brilliance.

43 Blades of glory quotes and captions

“Blades of Glory twirls its way into your funny bone, leaving you breathless with laughter, as you step into the world of competitive figure skating like you’ve never seen it before.”

  1. Blades of Gloriousness: a masterwork of humor that borders on comedic genius and makes people laugh out loud.

  2. Blades of Glory makes its mark on comedy history with its sharp wit and flawless execution.

  3. Prepare to be swept off your feet by Blades of Glory’s impeccable blend of razor-sharp one-liners and slapstick humor.

  4. Blades of Glory spins its way into your heart, delivering laughs with surgical precision, like a triple axel perfectly executed.

  5. A trail of gut-wrenching moments is left behind by Blades of Glory, which effortlessly skates through the boundaries of comedy. – blades of glory quotes

  6. From its initial succession to the last victorious lift, Edges of Brilliance whirls into its very own class, conveying quotable lines that are unadulterated gold.

  7. Blades of Glory, an uproarious comedy that knows how to make every joke land with grace, takes humor on ice to new heights.

    Blades of Glory quotes and captions

  8. Cutting edges of Greatness is a comedic masterpiece that coasts with style and artfulness, leaving crowds in stunningness of its sheer brightness.

Blades of glory quotes and captions

“Edges of Greatness consistently consolidates the style of figure skating with the erratic comicalness of Will Ferrell, coming about in a comedic pearl that sparkles more splendid than a title decoration.”

  1. As Blades of Glory breaks the ice and serves up a flurry of comedic brilliance that will have you begging for an encore, brace yourself for a hilarious ice-capade.

  2. Blades of Glory’s talented cast ignites the screen with their comedic chemistry, delivering a performance as sharp as the blades beneath their feet. – blades of glory quotes

  3. Blades of Glory pirouettes its way into our hearts in a world where figure skating meets fierce competition, leaving us doubled over with laughter and admiration.

  4. You can’t handle my total focus.

  5. The humor in Blades of Glory cuts through the icy atmosphere of figure skating, bringing laughter and warmth to every scene. – blades of glory quotes

  6. Blades of Glory leaps and bounds its way into your funny bone, leaving you in stitches. Hold onto your seats and prepare for a comedic thrill ride.

  7. Blades of Glory takes comedy to new heights, demonstrating that even the most graceful sport can be a good place to laugh.

  8. Blades of Glory’s tongue-in-cheek humor and flawless timing set it apart from the competition, making it a brilliant comedic gem.

Blades of glory quotes and captions

“Blades of Glory glides effortlessly across the comedic spectrum from its outrageous characters to its cleverly crafted dialogues, leaving an indelible mark in the realm of sports comedies.”

  1. You can remove my decorations, however you can never remove my capacity to embarrass myself!

  2. You can achieve anything you can imagine. Except if about a penguin longed for flying. Then you’re out of luck.

  3. There is an I in win. but there is no I in team.

  4. It’s as if Donkey Kong is on! – blades of glory quotes

  5. Baffle them with rubbish if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance!

  6. Mind-boiling, right? You know how when things get so crazy, your thoughts get stuck in a bottle?

  7. I’m addicted to sex. It’s my difficulty to endure.

  8. You gotta let me fly, I’m a peacock!

Gloriousness quotes and captions

We’re going to make you eat our dust, then we’re going to make a sculpture out of our own dust, then we’re going to burn that sculpture out of our own dust!

  1. We are going to dance like never before. It will be similar to that, unless you count the one time we danced in that other competition.

  2. I’m a person who has temporarily given up. rather than a quitter. – blades of glory quotes

  3. When you’re fighting for glory, you can’t be afraid to hurt people!

  4. My mind is a raging torrent, overflowing with rivulets of thought that cascade into a waterfall of imaginative options.

  5. You are last if you are not first. Wait, that comes from another movie.

  6. I’m a man, not a baby! I’m an anchorperson! – blades of glory quotes

  7. I’ll skate around you in circles, and when I’m done, you’ll be dizzy.

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Gloriousness quotes and captions

“With its clever chitchat and extraordinary situations, Sharp edges of Magnificence coasts through the domain of parody like a hero, procuring its spot as a moment exemplary.”

  1. Only one song will be played while we skate: ‘ Black Eyed Peas’ Lady Humps.

  2. I have the strength of a bear, that has the strength of two bears!

  3. You have officially been removed from my cool book. What does that imply, exactly? You don’t fit in.

  4. Yelling Mitch during sex is not strange. Everybody has bizarre things they do.

  5. A wolf? No, I more resemble a lion. because, baby, I am the king of the rink! – blades of glory quotes

  6. I regard you as my brother in love. That’s how I feel, and I don’t know if that’s the best way to put it.

  7. In the event that figure skating wasn’t a game, then how would you make sense of the multitude of sequins?

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