Collection of Beautiful 35 Confused love quotes and Captions

Being entangled in love or in a chaotic, messy relationship is never easy to navigate, and if you find yourself in that position, you’ll get a link to these 35 confused love quotes. Read these confused relationship quotes and clear up all your misconceptions about love and relationships. If you are facing difficulties as a couple or are not sure about your relationship status, compatibility and love, these confusing relationship quotes will help you out.

Here are some quotes that confuse love, read them and learn more about love. Feel free to share these 35 confused love quotes with your friends, and even better if you see one that you like, it will help us a lot if you can add them to your Pinterest board or social networks. These quotes will help you laugh at the feeling you get when you’re confused. The feeling of confusion cannot be explained better than these confusing quotes, life sayings and confusing phrases.

35 Confused Love Quotes

“Confusion is not just a feeling, it can be frustrating at times. While confusion often evokes fear or contempt, it is a very natural human emotion.”

It is often said that people who are confused tend to feel more alive.

Chaos means we have something inside us waiting to be discovered, and that can only be a good thing.

Often, the more we think about something, the more confused we become.

The most confusing thing we’ve ever encountered is when we’re trying to convince our brains of lies that our hearts know.

Tangled love is when you don’t know what to do next and how to act next.

A tangled love is a complex one where neither person in a relationship is sure about their future together.

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I think there is a big difference between being in love and being in love, but people tend to confuse the two. Life and love are two different things, often complicated, so often confused.

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Everyone confuses these things with love, but in fact love is the only thing in the world that hides all the pain and makes a person feel good again.

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Unsure love quotes

You lose your love because you don’t care, you hurt because you care.

No matter how hard you try to control love, you can’t do it; yes, it’s so hard.

Losing yourself in love can be just as difficult for you as it is for the person you love.

“You can never control who you fall in love with, even in the saddest and most confused moments of your life.

I feel weird when you keep putting me in this moment where I’m confused about love.

When you say you When I love me, I want to trust you, but I really know you’re lying to me.

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My head says leave him, he doesn’t fit in your world, my heart says love him, he is your whole world.

I’m still in love with someone I don’t know yet, and I’m so glad I’ll meet her someday.

I want to love someone, but I don’t know if it’s possible to do it now until the end of time.

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Confused relationship Captions

“Sometimes you had to break up several times to understand that the love between you is irreplaceable, and you cannot live without each other.”

I want to be with you, but I still don’t love you, I want to hear your voice, but I still don’t love you, I care about you, but I still don’t love you.

It’s not clear enough to me why you’re so confused about whether I love you or not.

There will come a point in life when you find that love is confused and realize that you are unsure of your feelings.

Either way, you have to accept that this relationship has no future and that entangled love ended the relationship.

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Love is another tangled thing that we’ve all been caught in, a web that we can’t get out of.

You either love one person or you don’t, but the truth is that you can feel both at the same time.

Love is commonly confused with addiction; but in reality you can only love according to your capacity for independence.

Relationship confusion can bring sadness, happiness, and even anger to anyone.

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Confused Love Quotes

“Sometimes what we call love is just a settling of old scores, or a search for forbidden pain, or a winding path into the realm of cruelty, or maybe she just confused lack of capital with heroism, seeking salvation from who knows what.”

Confusion is not good when you really, madly and deeply love someone special.

Love is perhaps the best feeling you will ever experience, but sometimes we get confused about our true feelings for the person in our lives.

It seems that we are in love, but most of us fail to recognize the fine line between love and falling in love, so you will get confused about everything.

confused love quotes

Sure, getting lost in a problem isn’t the most pleasant feeling, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun at times.

If love is lost in your mind and you see other beings as enemies, no matter how much knowledge, education or material comforts you have, only suffering and confusion will follow.

Love everything, not the person.

Besides, otherwise you will share in man’s miserable turmoil, or drown in despair when his days grow dark.

confused love quotes

Everything in life, including love, has its price, I could not understand whether it was love or its price, which I still bear.

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