76 Feeling Empty Quotes, Status and Captions for Instagram

Our next set of 76 Feeling Empty Quotes is all about loneliness: how they differ and how they can combine to make you a better and happier person. Whether you are looking for deep depression quotes and loneliness quotes that perfectly convey what you want to say or just want to get inspired, check out an amazing collection of the best therapy quotes, addiction quotes and famous depression quotes. When you feel lost, reread these quotes and choose one that reminds you of something you may have forgotten. When you feel lost in life, help read the words of those who have been where you are.

We have prepared a powerful selection of quotes about feeling lost to remind you that you are not alone and to help you find and create more meaning in your life. We have collected 36 quotes about Feeling Empty to show you that it’s okay to feel lonely sometimes.

76 Feeling Empty Quotes and Status

“These quotes reflect what it’s like to be lonely because of those around you. Too many “feeling lonely” quotes make you feel like you can feel smaller just through willpower.”

Sometimes it seems to you that you are alone in your loneliness, but this is only because many people are uncomfortable talking about it.

Loneliness among friends can make it very difficult to share feelings and thoughts, which creates a cycle of isolation.

In most cases, lonely people are those who belong to a group, but they feel that they do not fit into the group that belongs to them.

You feel empty because you have not yet met your true self, you have not reached your true individuality.

feeling empty quote and caption for Instagram

They feel better when they are not with other people – they succumb to what we call loneliness.

They don’t really capture what it’s like to be alone and feel like no one can help you. – feeling empty quotes

The worst thing in life is being with people who make you feel alone.

When no one seems to understand you, it can be the loneliest feeling in the world.

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Feeling Empty Quotes and Status

“Just because you’re lost or feel like your life has no meaning doesn’t make you a monster or condemn you to a life of unnecessary suffering.”

I feel empty inside, like there’s a quiet place with nothing.
There’s nothing inside me where emotions used to be.
I’m empty inside, like a silent storm.
My soul is lost and has nothing inside.
Feeling empty is louder than words.
I’m lost in a void of emotions.
There’s a lot of emptiness echoing inside me.

Feeling Empty Quotes and Status

“Any stage or event in life that requires you to reflect on yourself and your life can make you feel empty for a short time.”

I’m like a puzzle missing pieces, not complete.
My emotions are like an empty canvas.
I’m lost in emptiness, where echoes fade away.
I’m an empty vessel, without dreams.
There are words unsaid and feelings not felt, creating a void.
Silence becomes a friend in emptiness.
My diary is empty, reflecting my emotions.

Feeling Empty Quotes and Status

“A person enters an empty space, and someone else watches him, and this is enough to participate in the theatrical performance.”

My heartbeats echo with emptiness.
In the absence of emotions, I find myself alone.
There’s a void within me, with unspoken words.
My feelings are like a garden, now withered and empty.
The space between heartbeats is a vacuum of emotions.
Feelings fade, leaving an empty memory canvas.
Solitude is my only companion in this journey.

Feeling Empty Quotes and Status

“Your hands may be full of money and your mind may be full of information, but if your heart is empty, your life is empty.”

Loneliness plays a melody in my soul.
Laughter’s echo is replaced by a silent void.
Words spoken, but their meaning is lost in emptiness.
My emotional book has missing chapters.
Emptiness is an unwelcome guest in my heart.
Joy is absent, and emptiness is present.
Loneliness plays a song in my heart.

Feeling Empty Quotes and Status

“At the end of the things we rely on to belong, we feel lost. Everyone feels lost from time to time; what matters is how we respond to that feeling.”

Feelings disappear, leaving an empty residue.
The mirror shows a face, but the eyes tell an empty story.
Emotions’ colors have faded into nothingness.
In emptiness, shadows find no place to hide.
My heart’s whispers are silenced by emptiness.
Softly spoken words, but echoes are swallowed by emptiness.
Emotional echoes are unheard in the walls of emptiness.

Loneliness quotes and captions

“You can put so many words in one card, so many words in one phone, so many words in one space, until you forget that words sometimes don’t fill in the blanks.”

Feeling lost may be exactly what leads you to self-discovery and a better way of life.

Emotional echoes are lost in emptiness.

We are often proud of our knowledge, even when it is filled with emptiness.

We find value in work, money, and productivity so we can hide how useless we feel.

We can only be happy when we begin to accept the loneliness and other negative emotions we experience.

You need to accept loneliness so that you can open up to the possibility of a lifetime of happiness. – feeling empty quotes

The void within me screams silently.

If man were given the whole world, the world and what it contains, he would not fill his void.

Just as a vessel is held by its inner emptiness, so a person is held by the awareness of his non-existence.

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Feeling Empty Quotes

“When I feel really alone, with a feeling of confusion, even emptiness inside, then I realize that I unconsciously moved away from God, so I return. “

I’m lost in my own emptiness.

The more space and emptiness you can create in yourself, the more you can let the rest of the world come in and fill you up.

What I need is not a sense of wholeness, but a sense of non-emptiness.

I swear I end up feeling empty, like you took something from me and have to look for the scars on my body.

My heart is silent and feels empty.

That feeling when you’re not necessarily sad, but really empty. – feeling empty quotes

There is something obvious about emptiness, even if you try to convince yourself otherwise.

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Feeling Empty Quotes

“Return to a simpler life and you will see that behind expensive cars, fancy clothes, empty celebrities, extravagant houses and thick layers of makeup, life has real meaning. “

As if the coldness that marks youth is itself a kind of retrovirus that can only leave you empty.

My heart is like an empty room, missing joy.

Now, I seem to accept that the goodness within you simply doesn’t exist and leave me empty with this empty consent.

The world I live in is empty and cold, and loneliness stings me and tortures my soul. – feeling empty quotes

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A good portion of the people we meet on the street are empty-hearted people, that is, they are actually dead.

The need to share what we feel burns within us, after a certain age, sincerity ceases to be pornographic.

Moments of emptiness still come as an ambush, but in the company of a true friend, a true smile can return, a true laugh, a true warmth. – feeling empty quotes

Pain can revitalize; it gives intensity in a space of uncertainty and emptiness.

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