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A list of the 21 most famous quotes and sayings about gifts and curse to read and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, blog. To pay tribute to all witches, we have collected the best quotes and sayings about witches. Joseph Chamberlain thinks you will all agree that we are living in very interesting times. Asa Vaida, Black Sunday “ It is I who reject you and in the name of Satan I place a curse on you.

Bad curse quotes

May you find no peace, no lair, no peace of mind in this land of yours.

Love to be different, embrace it, share it, live it, because difference is not a curse, but a gift that we all have that defines who we are and makes the world a better place.

Belonging to nowhere is a blessing and a curse, as is any freedom.

Everything that is given to us in life is either a blessing or a curse. Sometimes a curse can be a blessing, sometimes a blessing can become a curse.

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This is the curse of humanity, which learns to endure even the most terrible situations through addiction.

curse quotes

In fact, there are some wounds in every life that continue to cry secretly even after years of hard work.

Karma curse quotes

We know from three plays that Oedipus’ life was indeed long and painful.

Oedipus believed that because his life was so cursed, his final resting place, including his body, would be a curse for all who took him in.

In these lines, Oedipus avoids responsibility for his heinous actions by blaming Thebes and the gods.

“Live in interesting times… it was also strange that she imagined my mother thinking of such a series. bad words.

My dad once said that if I didn’t have my mom’s red hair, I wouldn’t blush and swear so easily.

curse quotes

Although it is widely known as a Chinese curse, there is no known equivalent expression in Chinese.

As a doctor, as a scientist, I can tell you, there is no curse. Everything happens is just a matter of probability.

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Love curse Saying

The curse devours the earth, and the inhabitants of the earth suffer from the guilt of its inhabitants.

Concern for man himself and his destiny, concern for man himself must always be the primary concern of all technological endeavours… Therefore, the creation of our minds is a blessing, not a curse, to mankind.

The curse of ignorance is a person, neither good nor bad, who is still satisfied with himself.

Like all Herendeis, he loved his immeasurable, never-ending ability, both his great gift and his great curse.

Death had been her curse and her gift, and death had been her good friend all those long, long years.

curse quotes

Silence is incomprehensible to her, and she put her curse to rest.

Noah’s gift is that he can live forever and help others, but his curse is that he just wants to die.

No matter how much your family pisses you off, interrupts you, annoys you, curses you, or tries to control you, these are the people who know you best and love you.

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