Best 23 Shattered Dreams Quotes

For those of us who grew up in the 1960’s we hoped for a world in which people were not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their dreams, shattered. Many who witnessed the protests and unrest that followed the beating of Rodney King in the early 1990 “s believed that people’s dreams would be shattered if comprehensive police reform took root and made their communities safe. A young man hopes to replace his old illusions with something other than fleeting and sweet. Here is the collection of best 23 Shattered Dreams Quotes that you can share on various social media platforms.

For our young people today who imagine a world of equality, decency and respect for human life for their friends, brothers and sisters of color, their dreams have been shattered in recent weeks and months. On another level, it is a real disappointment when you are dealing with other broken dreams, such as losing a career to the coronavirus or the closure of a business you have built up for years, a dissolved marriage, a wayward child. Dreams from the ground for building a new, integrated self.

Best Shattered Dreams Quotes

Best 23 Shattered Dreams Quotes

Only in the soul does the good come to the body. So live your dream at fullest.

Your fate is your destiny, not your fate.

Optimism is the ability to detect subtle shifts in the structure of self in others.

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How much more profound the power of positive words than the power of negative words.

What to do with mistake messages are no longer needed. They were simply sent.

And so, one of the most beautiful day of my life is to wake up and realize that nobody can hurt me without my permission. Not the shattered dreams too.

Whether a picket fence, an oil well or a happy ending in a fairy tale, reality can destroy lives and dreams.

Dreams are shattered by words and unspoken memories that haunt the imagination and struggle to be clarified.

Clouds have the power to hide sunshine, but when our rays do not ignite positive thoughts, we embellish our thoughts and emotions until the train departs in a positive direction.

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Dreams are shattered when hope is disproved, hopes disappointed, and opportunities squandered.

It is time we walked down the corridor of the heart and retrieved the broken threads of faith in dreams.

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Many times in our lives we have seen our dreams shattered and our desires frustrated, but we dream on.

My life has been destroyed, making the light scream, but my dreams are still important.

The God who knows my desires is waiting on the other side of failure to destroy my dreams, his own dreams.

God is working to make His children aware that dreams remain alive in the ruins of broken dreams, new dreams are realized and published, new songs are sung and the tears of God are wiped away, and with them we can sing with joy in our hearts.

It seems that after you have destroyed your dreams, you pick up the small pieces and use them to build a bigger and better dream.

Best Shattered Dreams Quotes

It is sad to see the greatest hopes and dreams of a young man shattered, the pink veil torn from him, and to see the actions and feelings of a man for what they are.

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I have heard people sound as if their dreams have been shattered and their lives turned into awakening nightmares.

The broken dreams we give him are integrated into a higher, blessed purpose.

Today I can testify before you that turning away from God brings broken covenants, shattered dreams and shattered hopes with it.

When she looked at her picture of Jody staggering and breaking, she saw that in her dreams she was never a figure of flesh and blood.

Best Shattered Dreams Quotes

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