Collection of 23 Divergent quotes and caption

If you liked our suggestions of quotes from Dauntless Divergent Book, why not check out the Top 100 Quotes, or [Matrix Quotes]. Here are some of the best quotes from Divergent that will help you master your instincts and be fearless. These quotes about facing your fears from Divergent both in the novel and in the film, make it easier to understand why people love this story. Most books are generally a readers escape, and the Divergent books are yet another that fall into this category.

23 Divergent quotes

Divergent is an inspiring, moving, passionate ride laid by Veronica Roth, with plenty of time to spare.

Veronica Roth has done an amazing job of making the quotes she has spoken into a reality within her books, Divergent.

In 2011, my preteen daughter and all of her friends were reading this novel.

Veronica Roths Divergent series is filled with action, drama, revolution, (and no love triangles), plus filled with inspirational quotes that would make for some awesome tattoos.

One of the things that I loved about the Divergent series was the huge part that tattoos played in the characters.

From crows to symbols from factions, there are a lot of tattoo ideas that you can take inspiration from inside of Veronica Roths Divergent series.

These quotes from Tris and Four would showcase each of those tropes at their best.

divergent quotes

Abnegation is homogenous; Daring, though, is a motley mix of diverse individuals, all of whom have varying degrees of bravery, something that appeals to Tris immensely.

If the conflicts of Dauntless ended up only having one man standing, Tris is not sure what that part of the Initiation would do to me.

Divergent shows proficiency with several factions — in Triss case, Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless.

Divergent quote and caption

Granted, you do not see people proactively declaring their affiliation with one faction, as you would when choosing houses such as Hufflepuff.

divergent quotes

It is up to us all to make our own stands against one true foe to the world, Divergent.

Divergent books send you on a rollercoaster ride into an exciting fictional world filled with acts of courage.

The story follows Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) as she attempts to decide what faction to live her rest of her life, but when she finds out she is a Divergent, someone that does not fit in with either of the two factions, she uncovers a plot to eliminate all Divergents. At last, on Tris mothers side, right before she sacrifices herself, Tris comes to terms with the fact that being Divergent means that she does not fit in, and she will never fit in — but it also means she will never be controlled, a valuable trait in a world like hers.

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`ʻI mean, when I was little, like Maleficent, they told me I was different.

Before we get into our list, let us share with you the benefits of reading citations, what makes them different and how they can help you to succeed.

divergent quotes

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