Collection of 30 Existentialism quotes and captions

And you are in the right place, for I have put together a list of existentialism quotes from well-known philosophers, all sharing varying views on existentialism. If you are wondering what other existentialists believe, how they coped with their own existential crises, here it is — 100 existential quotes from famous philosophers, which will make you realize that you are not alone in this fight.

Whenever you are having questions about life, love, reality, or yourself, the philosophers born in the United Kingdom of America may give you some ideas that will satiate your existential reflections. The next time you are feeling lost on your existential train of thought, reflect on Jean-Paul Sartres best quotes and discover the purpose you need to live for yourself.

30 Existentialism quotes and captions

The very briefness of life, which is often mourned, can actually be its best.

Painful challenges are the best gifts that life sends to us, keeping us growing.

Many times, I wish I had lived my life without making mistakes.

I spent my best years giving people easy pleasure, helping them enjoy their lives, and all I got was abuse, being the hunted down man.

I am the one who gets to die when it is my time to die, so allow me to live out my life how I wish.

Existentialism is the mode of thought which says we are all on our own in the world, we must figure things out ourselves.

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Existentialism is a philosophical movement emphasizing personal freedom and choice, as well as the intrinsic meaninglessness of life.

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It holds that humans should make their own sense of life, since the universe has no inherent meaning.

Jean-Paul Sartre The primary aim of existentialism as a Humanism, is to reclaim existentialism from the charge by Marxists that it is self-indulgent–that it cannot result in active positive action.

Soren Kierkegaard held that an individual was entirely responsible for giving meaning to ones own life, and to living this life with passion and sincerity, in spite of the myriad obstacles and distractions in existence, including despair, anxiety, absurdity, alienation, and boredom.

Existentialism quotes

Jean-Paul Sartre believed that individuals who accepted the awful burden of liberty would inevitably assume the responsibility for maintaining social order and for improving humanity at large.

Jean-Paul Sartre This crucial point is yet another attempt to claim that, to an existentialist, individuality is not opposed to the collective.

It is probably best to accept the Jean-Paul Sartre suggestion, since it does, in some ways, break down the very notion of Existentialism (and Phenomenology).

Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) advocated a philosophy of existentialism, arguing that there is no such thing as creator.

Jean-Paul Sartre did not believe in marriage, but did have an open relationship and lifelong partnership with his writer, philosopher, and feminist colleague Simone de Beauvoir.

Jean-Paul Sartre would go on to become a critically acclaimed author and one of the leading voices in the world of existential philosophy.

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After the destructions of the Second World War, Jean-Paul Sartre inspired the movement in existential philosophy and the intellectual.

Only with Nietzsche, Bergson, and existentialism did philosophy return, in any meaningful sense, to being a specific attitude, way of living, and way of seeing the world.

Existentialism is also said to be the philosophy of absurdity and despair.

The rejection to take for ones self the truths of nihilism, to construct ones own lives wholly in the shadows of nihilisms truths, is in fact the rejection of existentialism as such.

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The true meaning of life. Hopefully, you find the inspiration and wisdom that you need to lead a better, simpler life.

Choose to make a meaningful difference in your life and in others lives.

Be ready to sacrifice what you believe you have today, for a life that you want tomorrow.

Believe life is worth living, and your beliefs will help to create that reality.

If you want to have a joyful life, then attach that to your purpose, not people or things.

Life has no meaning if a person does not live it by his will, at least by his own limited will.

It is our choice whether we are a victim to our problems, or the victor to a situation in our lives.

existentialism quotes

When we really understand that life is short, we will not waste even one second living a miserable or senseless life.

The passion in living does not necessarily occur when we achieve great things.

It definitely comes when we learn how to see beauty in the small things, even in the middle of the most hectic days.

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