Collection of 21 Godmother quotes and captions

Read on for a selection of quotes and sayings about the Fairy Godmother, gathered from individuals around the world. Here are some amazing godmother quotes that are encouraging, to say the least. Let these godmother quotes help you reciprocate and thank your Godchildren for trusting in you.

These unique Godmother captions highlight just how precious and powerful is the love bond between a Godmother and her Godchild. Best godmother quotes about sharing the love The bond between a godmother and a child is one to admire. Godmother To Godchild Indignant captions A Godchild holds a special place in the hearts of godmothers.

21 Godmother quotes

I cannot express in words how blessed I am to have been part of the life of your tiny baby in such a way.

As your godmother, I just feel proud to see the man that you are becoming.

When you asked me to become your Godmother, the awe I felt was beyond words.

I am so happy to have you as my godmother — the person to hold my hand, a friend should I ever need one, someone who would love me and understand.

Being a godmother is no easy task, since your Godchild will look to you for an influence and guidance.

Being a godmother means being friends, guides, philosophies for your godchild, and a special spiritual counselor for your childrens biological parents.

godmother quotes

Being godmother is very spiritual, so much that it continues to instill spirituality into a child’s life.

godmother quotes and captions

The godmothers main emphasis is the spiritual aspects, therefore, ensure you lead a life guided by morality and spirit.

A godmother plays a major role in a childs spiritual development and life.

A godmother is a person who is connected with a family, such as a caregiver, or very close friend, to whom a parent of the child has asked them to become godmother.

Parenting is a challenging task, so being a godmother is a privilege as it indicates the parents of the baby are entrusting you with helping raise them into a better person.

godmother quotes

I read up on this, and found out that godmothers role is about taking care of a childs morals.

The primary duty of a Godmother is to protect and take care of the godchild.

The bond between Godmother and godchild is a force for good that was created by God.

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Grandmother captions and sayings

In this post, you will find some of the best Funny Grandmother Quotes that your Nana, Grandma is sure to enjoy. After looking at these funny grandmother quotes dedicated for your Grandma, make sure you check out more of our quotes. This collection features the best quotes about those special grandmas in our lives. Each of your grandmas quotes is a cute sentiment, which is great to incorporate into a thoughtful card.

As you are making sure you are celebrating your grandma just the way she deserves, these inspiring quotes are a perfect way to honor her. No matter the occasion, as well as getting your grandma a cool gift, share one of these inspiring quotes with her, or use them to remind your rest of your family about her life.

Our one complaint is that our time on earth together can never be enough, and these quotes about grandma will remind you to treasure each and every moment you have with that special lady in your life.

To help celebrate that special lady, below is our collection of inspiring, sweet, and loving grandmother quotes, grandmother sayings, and grandmother proverbs, collected from various sources throughout the years.

After all, there is nobody quite like your grandma who is so caring and so good, and this very important woman in your life deserves to be known how much you love her on her special day.

When I think about everything that your grandma has been through throughout your grandmas life, I am struck with wonder at her undaunted love and strength.

The only thing better than having Grandma as a mother is having yours for a grandma to my children.

Everyone should have such the privilege of having such incredible role models as my grandma.

I will never forget what my grandmother taught me, or the sense of love that she gave me.

If Grandma had known how amazing grandchildren were going to be, I would have had one sooner.

godmother quotes

Grandma wishes that I had the kind of energy that my grandchildren had — even just to defend myself.

If becoming a grandma was just a choice, then I would advise each one of my grandchildren immediately to become one.

A fairy godmother plays an important role to ensure your life is meant to be good and has a real fairytale ending.

I think at a baby’s birth, if the mother can ask the fairy godmother to bestow on him or her the gift of utility, this gift must be curiosity.

Than you for reading and tell the world how much you love being a godmother and how proud you are with these quotes. Check out some of the popular, heartwarming captions about the importance and pleasures of being a godmother. Being a godmother is such a treasured gift that I did not expect; yet, I cherish it more than words could ever express.

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