30 Relationship selfish quotes and captions for Instagram

Here is a list of some of the most self-indulgent quotes about relationships, along with reasons they may be self-indulgent. Here are some of the best self-serving quotes from people that are selfish, and want things just for their own enjoyment, just for their own gain. Here on this blog, we have a few quotes on being selfish in relationship, promoted on being selfish in relationships. Please Join our facebook page for More valuable posts.

30 Relationship selfish quotes

“Just because you are caring about yourself means that you are selfish, but not caring for others means you are becoming the selfish person who cares about you alone, not anyone else.”

To start that journey, here are those quotes on being selfish in relationships that you will want to share with the people you love.

Selfishness can cause many problems in relationships, but it can be overcome with a little work and understanding.

Being selfish to achieve your personal pleasure is not bad, but your selfishness should not influence the relationship you have with the person you love.

relationship selfish quotes

Self-improvement and self-care can feel selfish, especially when you are surrounded by people that just take from you without giving back.

relationship selfish quote and caption

Look, some self-interest is good, there is nothing wrong with that, but there are some people out there that are just rife with self-centeredness.

You do not matter to me, and I really do not care that much if you do not like me, and that is what being selfish is.

I do not want to be the controlling one, that is why I am not giving my whole heart to you, it is truly selfish on my part.

relationship selfish quotes

I still feel like in order for me to be the one controlling in this relationship, I had to love you less than you did.

We cannot love ourselves without loving others, nor can we love others without loving ourselves.

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Selfish men in relationships captions

“Now, realize this is the way God wants our souls, without any self-serving love for self or others inserted into the middle, just like God loves us without any in-between.”

For You are a fire that never goes out, consuming all of the selfish love that filled my soul.

Selfish people are the ones who do everything for the sake of themselves.

The most selfish person I’ve ever met was a man with a wife and two children.

relationship selfish quotes

The world would be a better place if everyone was as selfish as me.

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I’m selfish, but I’m not bad; I’m just born this way.

I have many faults, but I am not one of them—I am not selfish!

“Your friends are not your children. If you love them, you must let them go.”

“Don’t be selfish, be self-centered.”

relationship selfish quotes

“If you want something in life, you have to pay for it yourself.”

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Relationship selfish quotes

“These quotes about self-centeredness will give you a stronger understanding as to why we should not be self-centered.”

Selfish people are the world’s biggest jerks.

“In the long run, we are all responsible for our own happiness.”

“You can’t keep a good man down. He’ll get back up and go on beating you.”

If you are selfish in any relationship and you are not hurting anyone than you are doing nothing wrong. 

relationship selfish quotes

Everyone is selfish in his world and it’s the necessity

We are born with two traits one is hypocrite and second one is world famous selfishness. 

People that are selfish, and want things just for their own enjoyment, just for their own gain.

A successful man possesses great psychological and spiritual understanding.

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