hidden history and villages of Mewar [Udaipur]

Hidden History of Mewar [Udaipur]

People may know Udaipur as a lake city, and for its tourist places but it a small introduction of Mewar [Udaipur]. There are hundreds of hidden places and history in Udaipur and thousands of hidden historical stories about Udaipur which can amaze you and they are same valuable as our lakes and tourist places. Hidden history of Mewar is my small contribution readers so they can know glorious history of Mewar [udaipur] and I am here to present some cool historical places (Kharwa and chawand) in Udaipur so if you planning a trip to udaipur so you can also visit these wonderful places.

Udaipur is not a place it’s an emotion for us. As an Udaipurite (Mewari) I am proud of it. We were independent when Akbar was ruler of India, and we have the Greatest King Maharana Pratap who fought against him and never lost. Maharana Pratap was not only a great king we consider him as a great emperor of all time he was Greatest for us. He fought for us, He lived for us and He scarified himself for people of Mewar (Udaipur).

You can visit Chawand which is 62 km far away from Udaipur and this place has its separate beauty of nature.

Hidden Place Kharwa and Chawand to visit in Udaipur

Chawand (also spelt Chavand) is a town in Sarada tehsil of Udaipur district, Rajasthan. The historical significance of town is that it was the last capital of Mewar under the reign of Maharana Pratap. Many few tourists knew about this place so its a hidden place of Udaipur.

After the battle of Haldighati, Maharana Pratap captured this area from the Rathors and established his new capital at Chawand in 1585 CE. Maharana Pratap built Chamunda Devi temple here. He built about 16 hideouts within the radius of 10 km to 1 km around his capital to look after the administration. Many secret army stores, palaces, temples and buildings for his loyal Bhils were also constructed here. During a hunting accident, he died on 29 January 1597 in Chawand. A fine statue of Maharana Pratap and his four aide has been built in the memory of Maharana Pratap.[citation needed] A ruined palace once occupied by Maharana Pratap is located in Chawand.

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Kharwa is the place of beauty and this village is so much underrated, hidden place and few people know about this place. There are some Shaktawat Rajput’s living who are Descendant of Shakti singh ji (Son of Maharna Udai Singh ji) and this is a hidden history of Udaipur as well.

Apart that this village is the perfect place for those who love nature and peace so you can visit this place too. See this pictures and you will be amazed that there is a place in Udaipur which is so beautiful but hidden form eyes for nature lovers.

history of Mewar(udaipur) : Kharwa
Kharwa in raniy season
kharwa chanda
kharwa in summar
Kharwa chanda railway station
Kharwa chanda rail road
Kharwa chanda rail station apartment
kharwa rail colony

This images are not enough to define the beauty of kharwa and I will make a separate blog on it but if you want to visit this place you can visit easily by car or any mode of transport because it is only 22 km away from udaipur and you can easily find route via Uamrda and Manpura.

There is a resort called chaudhary farm house where you can find food and shelter at affordable cost.

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