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47 Kuvempu Quotes and Words 

It is better to dead than to live dead.

Raise your hand for Kannada, your hand will become a tree.

Koralethu for Kannada, where Panchajanya arises.

Kannada is the breath of our life.

Our mind is our God.

Not anything else, not anyone else.

Kannadake fight Kannada.

Protect Kannada is my pleasure.

Kuvempu Quotes and Words

Love is always only love and love more than love!

Don’t fall for the illusion of religion and work hard for the good of the world

If you don’t believe as much as you believe in God, you are your self?

“What time did the scriptures say? What is the science behind the sound of the chest?

Ideals are not golden mantras that we have to recite daily. They are the breath of our life

I am for you, you are for me… Rasadeva Ganga becomes fish, blossoms, fruits, idolatrous to Bhagwati.

Add that vote to this vote to the old vote’s companionship to the manuja vote.

Do not the old man shrink as little me: O little one, multiply by infinity; Neen will be infinite!

Kuvempu’s Words

Bharatambe’s Mukti Mukki told me that Bharatambe’s brothers are brothers.

Savijenu Bayde is like the lobe of the breast, and the baby is soft like a mother’s hug.

Heaven does not go, hell does not come, heaven and hell are not scriptures, chest voice Dharmanidhi! Duty is destiny! He does not believe; Apart from that, the sage is no different!

Nature is our most valuable teacher; learn from the trees, rivers, and mountains.

True wisdom speaks louder than words when the heart is silent.

Every sunrise presents a new opportunity to live life with gratitude and joy.

Love is the universal language that connects every heart and transcends boundaries.

Kuvempu’s Words

Let kindness be the language that both the deaf and the blind understand.

Life is a journey, and every step forward represents an opportunity to discover our true selves.

The beauty of simplicity is its ability to restore peace to a cluttered mind.

Education is more than just books; it is about learning from all of life’s experiences.

Accept diversity, because the tapestry of differences contains the strength of unity.

The true wealth of life is not in possessions, but in the abundance of the heart.

Time is a valuable resource; use it wisely on activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.

The greatest strength can be found in the most gentle touch of compassion.

Kuvempu Quotes and Words

Let laughter be the music that fills the air, bringing harmony to our hearts.

A simple act of kindness can send ripples of love across the shores of many hearts.

Happiness is not a destination; it is a way of navigating life’s ups and downs.

Find solace in solitude, because it is in the quiet moments that we discover our true strength.

Dream big, but remember that the journey is equally important as the destination.

Words have the power to bridge or divide; choose them wisely.

Forgiveness is not a weakness; it is the strength to let go and move on.

Allow your heart to lead you through life’s dance, and your soul will find its own rhythm.

Kuvempu Quotes and Words

A flower’s fragrance lingers long after it blooms; leave a legacy of kindness.

Faith is the compass that guides us through the darkest nights and into the dawn of hope.

Wisdom is not knowing everything, but understanding the importance of continuous learning.

Do not be afraid of failure; it is a necessary step toward success.

Celebrate the present moment as a gift that reveals the beauty of life.

The true measure of success is not what you own, but how much you can give.

Play your own melody in the symphony of life, and the universe will dance to it.

A smile is a universal language that can illuminate even the darkest corners of the world.

Strive for progress rather than perfection; growth occurs along the way, not at the end.

Love yourself, because by accepting your own light, you illuminate the world around you.

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