Discovering the Law of Karma: Quotes to Inspire and Reflect

Step into the profound world of karma with these enlightening law of Karma quotes, offering timeless insights on life’s interconnectedness and the power of our actions in shaping destiny.

60 Law Of Karma Quotes and Captions

  1. Karma — no exceptions, no escape.
  2. Karma is the ultimate judge of our deeds; it doesn’t understand justifications.
  3. Karma doesn’t knock; it just shows up unannounced when you least expect it.
  4. Karma is like a boomerang; what you throw out, comes right back to hit you.
  5. Karma is a slow but steady process; it doesn’t believe in shortcuts. – law of karma quotes
  6. Ignorance is not an acceptable defense in the court of Karma.
  7. Based on their actions, karma treats everyone equally and does not make distinctions.
  8. Karma demands sincere actions; it is unimpressed by good intentions.
  9. Karma is like a silent observer, recording every deed we do.
  10. Karma never accepts bribes or manipulation; it always plays fairly.

Law of Karma Quotes

Karmic Cycle Quotes and Captions

  1. Karma keeps a perfect balance sheet of our deeds; it is a master accountant.
  2. Your past deeds won’t be forgotten by karma because it has a long memory.
  3. Even though karma moves slowly, it never forgets to pay off past debts.
  4. Karma is the designer of our future; we are unable to escape its plan.
  5. Karma’s court never has a day off; it is always in session. – law of karma quotes
  6. Karma is a slow but steady process; it doesn’t believe in shortcuts.
  7. Karma, like gravity, always pulls you in the direction of the results of your actions.
  8. Everything happens for a reason; karma does not believe in coincidences.
  9. The teacher we can’t avoid is Karma; its lessons are unavoidable.
  10. You reap exactly what you sow; karma doesn’t give discounts.

Karmic Cycle Quotes and Captions

  1. Karma is like a mirror; it reflects our actions right back at us.
  2. Karma is like a detective; it always finds the guilty.
  3. Karma doesn’t need signatures; your actions serve as the contract’s seal.
  4. Karma doesn’t pick sides; it administers justice impartially.
  5. Karma, like a GPS, directs you to the results of your decisions. – law of karma quotes
  6. Actions, not words, are karma’s language; it does not comprehend justifications.
  7. Karma is the accountant of our lives; it regularly audits our deeds.
  8. Karma demands genuine effort; it doesn’t believe in empty promises.
  9. Karma’s courtroom is open round-the-clock; there are no office hours.
  10. Karma treats all souls equally; it does not favor the wealthy or the poor.

Law Of Karma Quotes and Captions

  1. Karma is like a shadow; it follows us around and reflects our actions.
  2. Karma is a strict teacher; it won’t put up with test-cheating.
  3. Karma comes knocking on its own; it doesn’t require an invitation.
  4. Karma’s decision is final; there is no appeal; you must accept the results.
  5. Our destiny is sculpted by karma, and we are the clay in its hands. – law of karma quotes
  6. Procrastination is not something that karma enjoys; it favors actions taken now.
  7. We dance to the strings of our actions because Karma is the puppeteer
  8. Karma is like a wave; it washes our sins away and rewards our virtues.
  9. Karma doesn’t believe in secrets that are kept from us; it reveals our true selves.
  10. When we least expect it, karma puts us to the test.

Law Of Karma Quotes and Captions

  1. Law of Karma: One gets what one gives; it’s not something artificial intelligence (AI) invented.
  2. There’s no delete button in God’s data centers, so be sure to back up your deeds!
  3. AI has a mind, but Karma has the biggest database!
  4. Karma’s code is more complex than AI, but it’s also harder to hack.
  5. As terabytes of data accumulate, so does the accumulation of karma.
  6. As AI has bugs, Karma has bugs, but there is no bug-fixing. – law of karma quotes
  7. Karma has no server downtime, so be mindful of your actions 24/7.
  8. The AI’s processor may be powerful, but Karma’s output is unpredictable.
  9. No one can decode Karmo’s algorithm, not even AI!
  10. Just as an AI system crashes, similarly a human being crashes by doing bad deeds.

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Law Of Karma Quotes and Captions

  1. CTRL+ALT+DELETE doesn’t work to upgrade your karma!
  2. Like AI systems, Karma systems also have hidden layers.
  3. Karma doesn’t have a debug mode, so make sure your functions are bug-free.
  4. If Karma were an operating system, it would be pre-installed on everyone’s device.
  5. Karma’s interface is not simple, but everyone has to interact with it.
  6. AI can reboot the system, but the karmic cycle is not reset.
  7. Law of Karma: Error 404 – Karma Not Found! – law of karma quotes
  8. AI algorithms may be predictable, but Karma’s outcome always surprises.
  9. Like a virus attacks an AI system, similarly negative karma attacks a human being.
  10. Karma’s storage is unlimited, feed your data wisely!

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