30 Lazy quotes and captions to beat laziness

If you have been struggling with laziness recently, we pulled together some lazy quotes about laziness that might just be the boost you need. Chances are, if you are reading these laziness quotes, you might be looking for a bit of motivation that will get you started. Our laziness motivation captions are sayings that can provide the push that you might need if you have been feeling lazy of late. If you liked these quotes, be sure to check out our collection of procrastination caption to help you regain your time.

30 Lazy quotes and captions

“As one grows older and wiser, one comes to understand that when people are given something without having to earn it (unless they are completely physically or psychologically unable to earn anything), they become unappreciative and lazy.”

There is no such thing as a lazy person; he is either ill-healthed or not inspired.

The I am Not Lazy quote could be meant in a very serious way, that is, constantly refusing to be lazy.

A compilation of the most hilarious lazy person quotes and sayings, lines that are about being lazy all the time.

Stay away from lazy parasites that just squat down on you just to fulfill their needs.

Lazy Parasites, do not come to ease your burden, so, their mission is to distract, detract, and rob, leaving you living a life of absolute misery.

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Those who are given everything, they become lazy, selfish, and callous about the true worth of life.

Apathy is the foundation of our moral and spiritual crisis today… Apathy is the loss of the ability to feel indignant at the evil in our lives and those of others. – lazy quotes

In this context, apathy is understandable, predictable, and even rational.

Science may have found a cure for most diseases; but he found no cure for the worst of all: the apathy of human beings.

Apathy quotes and captions

A collection of quotes, proverbs of indifference and proverbs of indifference that inspires, delights and encourages indifference. Read the best inspirational quotes about apathy here and find out how it can affect your life. Share these indifference quotes that inspire people in your network to get involved in making things better.

The following phrases about apathy will help you better understand the role of apathy in your life and how to overcome it. Find the best indifference motivational quotes to help you break free from indifference thoughts and gain confidence in yourself.

… it is far more important to resist apathy than anarchy or despotism, for apathy almost indifferently can produce neither.

By far the most dangerous enemy we have to contend with is apathy: indifference to any business, not from lack of knowledge, but from neglect, from preoccupation with other things, from contempt born of complacency.

The world is a dangerous place; not because of evil people, but because of people who do nothing.

The price of indifference to public affairs is the power of the wicked.

The opposite of life is not death, but the indifference of life and death.

“The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

The opposite of art is not ugliness, but indifference. I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. – lazy quotes

The indifference, lack of interest, and inaction that lead to apathy may seem harmless on the surface, but it is this contempt for others and what goes on around us that makes it an insidious threat.

In today’s world, where, more than ever, the constant concentration of money and power in the hands of a select few is fueled by political and social apathy, “Live My Life” delivers a much-needed dose of timely, inspiring, musical contempt. to the status quo.

The absence of a realistic path of political reform leads to apathy and senseless frustration, which manifests itself in tea party hatred of any government.

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Lazy quotes and captions

Learn how you can harness the power of laziness for good, without letting it control your life.

May these laziness quotes about success inspire you to act so that you can achieve your dreams.

Never be stopped by the Laziness in your life.

You can choose to be less lazy just by making a little effort to prove you are not lazy.

You cannot teach people not to be lazy–either they have it, or they do not.

Some people say that the best thing is to pick the lazy person for the job, because they will always figure out the easiest way to do it. – Lazy quotes

Lazy people do not usually make any effort, instead they show off by trashing others work.

I do not share any similarities with lazy people who point the finger at others for not succeeding.

The only time the lazy person has ever succeeded is when they tried not to.

The lazy man claims that he is too heavy to work lightly, and too light to work hard.

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