38 Strong mind quotes to sharpen your mind power

We hope that these powerful mental quotes can help you to build mental toughness. The inspiring strong mind quotes will promote life-growth, make you wiser, and expand your perspectives. Use these 38 quotes to sharpen your mind power as a personal reminder to toughen up your mind, because your willpower may be greater than your challenges.

38 Strong mind quotes

“The mind is a governing force, which molds and fashions, and the man is mind, he takes up the tools of thought, evermore, and, shaping as he pleases, brings forth one thousand delights, one thousand evils.”

If you have a strong mind, and implant in it the resolve of perseverance, you can turn your fate around.

It takes a strong mind to stand for what you believe in, to be confident about yourself.

You never change anyone’s mind by telling them that it is not allowed to think this way.

Understand your own mind, and you will better understand others minds. Your mind has the ability to transform every external aspect of your life.

If you do not manage your mind on your own, then somebody else will manage it for you.

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The mind is the strongest weapon humans possess, and tends to either be used to help you succeed, or can lead you down the path to failure. – strong mind quotes

Being in a positive mind state is more important than one may realize, because mind cannot be creative while in a negative state.

How the mind will bend under pressure is greatly affected by training.

Say, Tell the mind you are ready to do what is necessary to make it all the way.

Mind power quotes

You will find quotes about thoughts, subconscious, having a clean mind, and much more. Some of these captions about having a clear mind may help you to keep your cool and composed when times get tough. Use these mind power captions to keep your thoughts in check and begin creating the life you have always wanted for yourself.

Find inspiring mental health captions to help you understand how your mind works for you. In this article, we are sharing the list of inspiring power sayings about mind which help you to know how strong is the human mind and how you can utilize the mind for doing the most powerful things in your life. Hopefully, these mind power captions will help you see how powerful your mind is to creating your life.

If you want more reminders about what your thoughts can do for you, check out these unique powerful quotes.

Use mind power as a personal reminder to toughen up your mindset, because no matter the challenges, your will can do greater.

Powerful Mind will help you to gather your courage and tackle challenges and obstacles with a clear head.

The wildest things in life are your own thoughts and the extremes they may lead you.

Your mind is incredibly powerful, responsible for turning your thoughts into reality.

For all of the technology in the world, your mind is stronger than any machine on the planet.

Your mind has the ability to transform every external aspect of your life.

Elevate yourself with the power of your mind, rather than diminishing it, because the mind can be a friend as well as an enemy to the self. – strong mind quotes

If man can master his mind, then he may find a path to enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtues will come naturally to him.

Strong mind quotes

“We have observed, confidently, that a really strong mind, whether considered in terms of intelligence or morality, or under any other appearance, is not in anywise the kind of mind which is familiar with its own power; that the mark of health is in this case numbness.”

I truly believe with a strong mindset, you literally can force a ball down the hole.

Whatever it is you strongly believe, will become true in your mind.

Get your mind moving in the right direction, and you will move your life in the right direction.

A really powerful, well-rounded mind is one that is capable of accepting both the big things and the little.

No man that keeps his mind centered solely on himself, is capable of growing larger, stronger, and more wonderful in character. – strong mind quotes

To maintain the good health of the body is an obligation… Otherwise, we cannot maintain the strength and clarity of mind.

The strongest person is one capable of interposing, at will, the communications between senses and mind.

To act as a reminder, we have put together a list of quotes on building a strong, independent mind.

Weak minds flounder in prosperity and in hardship; but strong, profound ones are in the presence of two rising tides.

Once you learn how to harness the power of your mind, your world will be changed forever.

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Powerful Mind captions

“The gifts of the mind are derived from God, from divine beings, and if we focus the mind upon that truth, we come into sync with this greatest of powers.”

The willpower is for the mind as the powerful blind person carrying a sluggish person with eyesight.

Mind power is like rays from the sun, when focused, illuminating.

The more concentrated a persons mind is, the greater power is brought into focus at one point.

Through the medium of imagination, the mind can conjure up successes or failures, happiness or unhappiness, opportunities or obstacles. – strong mind quotes

When you believe that something is possible, truly believe, the mind will come up with the means for doing that.

If you have all that the world has to offer–pleasure, possessions, power–but you do not have the peace of mind, you can never be happy.

A simple shift in your vocabulary could have a powerful impact on what you communicate to your mind.

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