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Below is our collection of motivational, wise, and beautiful quotes about the beautiful human being, collected from various sources throughout the years. Sometimes, we all just need a little reminder about what makes us truly beautiful, so we have put together this selection of beauty quotes.

24 Looking Good Quotes

Many women are proud of their physical appearance, so complimenting your loved one with a quote about beautiful women or a few cute quotes about her is an awesome way to show your love, affection, and appreciation.

You will never gaze upon something beautiful and sacred, nor will you ever have a clean, noble thought, without being forever in pursuit of the greater soul.

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You think all that is needed for the violent-looking man is love from a beautiful woman, and he will no longer be violent.

The horse is a great leveler, it does not care what kind of a handsome guy you are, or how rich or how strong — it takes you on the basis of what you make it feel like.

If Shaytan has entered into your heart – then wickedness will seem good seem exhausting and tiring.

Do what you can, and make a life that feels good inside, rather than a life that looks good only from the outside.

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It feels really, really good to be free to make movies, to be working without having to wait years to get a script approved, without having your back looked at.

To really feel that you did something good with your life, that you were helpful to others, that is something that I have always wanted, always sought.

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As I look back at my life, I realized that each time I thought I was being turned away from something good, in fact, I was being redirected back toward something better.

Once I looked at myself in the mirror and decided this is who I am, and that I am not afraid of who I am, I am not afraid I cannot be like you, and that I am okay just being me, then that is when I found myself, as a man.

The hole that you thought somebody was going to stay forever, except one day, he or she simply steps in a lateral direction, does not look back, does not say goodbye, and disappears forever.

When I get to the end of my life, I will look back and say, I am so glad that I lived my life like this, life was so good to me.

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The ideals that always shone before me, and filled me with joy, were good, beautiful, and true.

We must ever consider ourselves Gods servants, placed in the world to do His work; and so labor faithfully for Him; not for a purpose of growing richer and greater, but for the glory of God, and for doing as much good as we possibly can.

I believe everyone deserves love, and sometimes looking beyond our culture is a good way to find it.

Making the effort to explore and discover new beauties in our lives and our world can bring us the feelings of fulfillment and happiness that we are looking for.

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Looking good quotes

Learning to appreciate that beauty can enhance our quality of life, because we are able to see deeper and more meaningfully into people and things in our lives.

What is arousing and beautiful is not always good, but what is good is always beautiful.

Many people see others physical beauty, or what is obviously good for the majority, in general.

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If you think well, these will radiate from your face like sunlight, and you will always be handsome.

I pick my friends by their beautiful appearance, my acquaintances by their nice personality, my enemies by their nice intelligence.

For beautiful eyes, seek out the best in others; for beautiful lips, speak but words of goodwill; and for grace, walk knowing you are never alone.

If you are told all your life you are good-looking, then people will simply flock around you, and you will never actually need to work at, or learn, a cool craft, skill, or hobby — or even possess any depth.

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Everywhere in life, there is pressure on girls to maintain their body mass and keep themselves feeling and looking great.

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