34 Middle finger quotes to say I don’t give damn

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration to get you through the day. These Middle finger quotes and captions will help you do just that!

34 Middle finger quotes and captions

“A middle finger, also called a thumb or middle finger, is a gesture made by extending the fingers of one hand and pointing them at someone. The gesture is used as an insult and an expression of contempt. It is often used in a sexual context, such as when someone’s sexual advances are rejected. The gesture can be made to someone who has offended you or to those who have done something wrong.”

Fuck you is a song by David Byrne. The lyrics are about the singer’s anger at people who tell him he should stop being so angry and just be happy.

The fuck you hand gesture is used in a variety of situations to convey contempt or anger, as well as when someone wants to indicate that they are refusing to participate in something. – middle finger quotes

The middle finger is also used when flipping someone off, which can be seen as an insult or rude gesture depending on context.

Fuck you, I don’t care.

I don’t give a shit.

Fuck you, I’m going to sleep.

F*ck you, I’m going to the beach.

You’re so fucked up, you should take a look at yourself in the mirror.

I don’t care about the future; I just want to be happy now! – middle finger quotes

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The phrase fuck you or variations thereof is a common way of saying no or refusing to do something. It can be used in any situation where one does not want to do something such as when asked for money, when trying to get out of something or when trying to get someone else out of something. The phrase fuck off has similar meaning but is more rude than fuck you.

I don’t give damn quotes

“When people are doing something that they know they shouldn’t be doing, they’ll often say things like: I’m so fucking stupid! or You’re so fucking annoying! These phrases mean that the person doing it knows that what they’re doing is wrong.”

Fuck you, I’m a success.

Fuck yourself, you’re not special.

I don’t give a damn.

I don’t give a damn about anything.

I don’t give a damn about anything anymore. I can’t worry about another person’s feelings. I need to live for me. If people don’t like it, tough luck. – middle finger quotes

Society let me down, now I’m out for myself.

I don’t give a damn about what other people think about me.

I don’t care about your opinion, or the opinions of others.

I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations, or anyone else’s for that matter.

There’s no reason to worry about what other people think of you, because they don’t matter!

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Middle finger quotes and captions

“When you don’t care about something, it’s easy to say I don’t give a damn. But when you really DO care about it, it’s hard to say. Because you’re so aware of how much it matters that your face is flushed and there are tears in your eyes. You want to scream at the top of your lungs, but all you can do is cry.”

This can also be used when someone is trying to seem aloof or cool by saying I don’t give a damn at the end of an argument or conversation so that they can distance themselves from feeling emotions towards other people or things in general (such as love).

I don’t give a damn about your opinion. I don’t care about your past, and I don’t care about your future. All I’m interested in is what’s happening right now. – middle finger quotes

I don’t give a damn about your opinion.

You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

Someday, I’ll die. Until then, I’ll keep living life like it’s my last day on earth!

I don’t care about what others think of me. It can be used in many ways, including when someone is trying to come off as cool and aloof, or when they are trying to show their indifference towards something. – I don’t give damn quotes

I don’t give damn, I’ve got better things to do.

Someone doesn’t care about something or someone else and will not pay attention to them or their issues at all. This phrase comes from He doesn’t give a damn about Prospero’s magic tricks because there are more important things in life than magic tricks. – middle finger quotes

If you have no attention for something, then it’s easy to say no attention. But if you do have attention for something, then it’s hard to let go of the love for that thing even though you know that what you need from it isn’t coming back.

If you’re tired of being tired, then saying I’m tired of being tired is an easy statement to make—but when people ask how long you’ve been feeling this way and if there’s anything they can do about it, then suddenly saying I’m not tired anymore doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.

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