Minions quotes – great source of inspiration and entertainment

Minions are a popular and beloved animated character that has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. These cute and hilarious creatures have become synonymous with humor, mischief and fun. Their witty and hilarious quotes are a great source of inspiration and entertainment. In this collection of Minions quotes, we bring you a compilation of some of the most memorable and hilarious quotes from these yellow creatures, that will make you laugh, smile and inspire you.

48 Minions quotes and captions

“Minions are like the perfect little helpers, but they’re also so dang annoying. They’re always doing things for you, and then they expect you to do things for them. It’s like having a baby who won’t stop cryingand then you have to feed it, bathe it, and change its diapers while it’s still screaming at you!”


Minions don’t believe in evil, they believe in love.

Minions speak Minionese, which is a mixture of Spanish, French, and Italian.

I’m not a morning person… unless I have a banana.

Minions, we have a mission.- minions quotes

A minion’s job is never done.

One Minion, two Minion, three Minion, more!

Minions love to play, but they love bananas even more.

Minions quotes and captions

Being a minion means never having to grow up.

Minions, assemble!

Cute minion quotes and captions

“Minions are the best because they’re always there to help you out when you need them most. And if they don’t want to help? Well, at least they’re not asking for anything in return!”

Minions are the best.

Minions are the cute and amazing.

Minions are just like us, but with more numbers on their heads.

There is no greater power than a group of minions.

I am your master now. – minions quotes

We do what we’re told and obey our master’s commands.

Minions are so easy to make, but hard to kill.

I’m just here for the sparkling water.

It’s not my fault that I’m so good at what I do.

Minions quotes and captions

“Minions are, as far as we’re concerned, the perfect combination of sweet and sad. They’re loyal, they’re selfless, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to help their master. And yet… they still get turned into a pile of dust by their evil overlords!”

Minions are the best. They’ll do anything for you, no matter how dumb it is.

Minions are the best employees you could ever have.

I’m a minion, and I’m here to serve you.

Minions are the best kind of people. They’re loyal, they do what you tell them to do, and they’ll even clean up after themselves.

Minions are the most loyal servants you’ll ever find, and they’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. – minions quotes

Minions are always happy to help out their master, no matter what he or she needs them to do.

If you treat your minions right, then they’ll be happy with their lot in life and never want for anything more than what they have now!

I am a minion. I have no name.

I’m a minion! I’m not making any sense.

Minions quotes and captions

“You go to the bar, and you want to order a minion. You say, ‘I’ll have a minion!’ And they bring out this little guy with a whole bunch of other minions behind him.”

I just want to be treated like a person!

It’s funny because they’re so short. – minions quotes

Minions are the best!

Minions are the best.

Minions are the best. They’re always there to help you out, and they don’t ask for any compensation for their services.

Minions are the best. They make your life easier by doing all of the hard work for you, so you can just sit back and relax while they do all the work for you! – minions quotes

It’s like they want to be so much more than what they are. Like they’re trapped in this little box that only allows them to be good or bad but not both at once!

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Minions quotes and captions

“The best part about minions is how much we can relate to them: whether you’re fighting a friend who thinks all your friends are annoying or struggling with your own relationship problems with family members who don’t understand what’s going on inside your head (or worse: think you’re crazy), there’s always something about being a minion that makes us feel like we have something in common with each other.”

Don’t mess with a minion, they always have a banana as a weapon.

Minions, we are on a quest for bananas.

Life is better with Minions.

Minions always find a way to make things fun.

Together, Minions are unstoppable. – minions quotes

Minions are never lonely, they have each other.

Minions may be small, but their personalities are big.

Minions, let’s make some mischief.

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