40 Munshi Premchand Quotes, Messages in English

Munshi Premchand Quotes in English

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35 Munshi Premchand Quotes in English 

Trust is the first step towards love.

Wealth and compassion are diametrically opposed.

To be successful in life, you need education, not reading and degrees.

We all have to die someday. Not many immortals have appeared in this realm.

Ornaments are unnecessary when it comes to beauty. Softness cannot support the weight of ornamentation.

My existence is both easy and difficult.

People are extremely selfish. Those you support turn against you.

Munshi Premchand Quotes in English

Like shyness, bravery is contagious.

How can life continue if brothers do not aid one other in times of need?

Parents are life partners but do not share karma.

The greatest beauty of education is that it makes a person a good person.

The biggest truth of life is that there is some lesson hidden in every story.

Shared suffering, not prosperity, is the foundation of true friendship.

There is no greater teacher than struggle, which unites a person with his true soul.

Munshi Premchand Quotes in English

The sadness hidden behind prosperity is often a hindrance to real happiness.

Corruption is like the hunger of a society, which ultimately destroys it.

Introspection is extremely important to stay on the right path.

True love is one that supports, not just argues.

The biggest dream of life is to create a good society.

It is the power of imagination that helps a person achieve his goal.

The courage of truth is the ladder which takes it to the heights of society.

Premchand’s Words

A wise person considers failure as a learning, not a loss.

The key to success in life is self-control and motivation.

It is only in the face of difficulties that the best nature of a person is revealed.

True religion means helping others, not harming them.

The best indicator of justice in society is the support of the able-bodied in poverty.

The right way to combat evil is to multiply good.

The only way to reach the heights of success is hard work.

Premchand’s Words

Real courage is one who admits his crimes and takes steps towards reformation.

Education is the greatest wealth, which can never be taken away.

The biggest struggle of society is against superstition.

The best way to fulfill your dreams is to turn them into reality.

The biggest basis of prosperity is partnership with everyone in the society.

Self-reliance is important to walk on the right path, but social support should also be taken care of.

The greatest benefit of life is if we share with others and help them.

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