29 National son day quotes to share with your son

Happy Sons Day 2022 is celebrated every year on 28th September, but it is also known that a similar day is celebrated on Fridays each year. The idea for a Sons Day came back to life in 2018 at the hands of Jill Niko, who wanted to create a day that honored children and those that raised them, similar to the National Day of Daughters. It turns out that National Sons Day is about boys, and these quotes about National Sons Day capture exactly what it is to parent one. Read this quotes about National Son Day and share with your son.

29 National son day quotes

“You are the gift from God wrapped with love and obliviousness that has brought good things in our lives, such as happiness and joy, and on National Son and Daughter Day, we wish to say thanks to the Almighty for daughters like you.”

My son is my hero. He’s always been there for me, even when I needed him most. I love you, son!

Son, you are the reason I’m still here.

I’ve never known a man who was capable of being a good father, but I’ve always known a lot of men who think they are.

national son day quotes

My son, You’re a gift from God, and I’m so grateful for you.

I hope that you’ll always be happy and healthy, and that you’ll grow up to be a great man. – national son day quotes

I love you more than words can say!

I may not be the best father, but I’m the one you have.

My son, you must never forget that your father loves you more than anything in the world. And I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you know that.

My son will never know the feeling of being alone. He will always have someone there to hold his hand, kiss his cheek, and tell him how much they love him.

Father son captions

“I have never experienced such joy like the one that I felt on my first day as a mother, and since then, it has been an amazing journey as a mother…. Wishing you a very happy National Son Day, because you make me a mother who is joyous and smiling.”

I’m proud of you son, you’ve done well. I want to see more of you.

A father is the most valuable thing in life, he’s the only one who can teach you how to live.

Son, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

I am thankful every day to God for giving me a son who is so good and thoughtful. – national son day quotes

I am thankful that God has given me so many wonderful gifts, and my most wonderful one happens to be my son.

May God keep my son safe from all the harms and hardships of life, and may he live life to the fullest, always.

I pray daily for the health of my son as well for the wisdom of my son. – national son day quotes

One thing I know is I am going to love my son with all my heart, the most I have ever loved anybody on this planet, until my dying day.

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National son day quotes

“Mothers Day and Fathers Day celebrations are not complete without National Sons & Daughters Day, because our beautiful children are what makes us parents, we even need a day to say I love you, my son/daughter.”

Some days we laugh, others we cry, but you blessed my life in ways I never imagined.

From the humorous to the heartfelt, there is a quote here for every father and son looking to celebrate son Day this year.

Your father will feel instant affection after reading these father-son quotes to him.

As he grows older, the child will look up to his dad for validation, for assurance that he is making good choices.

The son motivates a man to become a better man, while the father motivates a son to become a responsible person.

Even if a father never says it aloud, a son knows there is love.

Whenever a son feels low, the son knows his dad is there for him.

Until you have your son… you never know the joy, the love that transcends feelings, the way a dads heart echoes when he looks at his child. – national son day quotes

With a son and a father, there is an unexplained bond and an imprint that your father leaves upon you.

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