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Pipliya Ji – Paradise of Udaipur

When a person expands the scope to fulfill his needs / desires, then there is a scandal on this earth. The village of Pipliya ji, which once gave a very clean feeling like a paradise, is now littered with the glass of various branded bottles thrown there.

The condition is that if you sit there, it is possible that the glass spread there will definitely give proof of his being there. Stunningly.

It all starts from the city itself. In the event of getting bored with the urban jungle created by themselves, people go out to find Mother Nature / Nature’s lap, whatever they want to say, in the surrounding places.

There is nothing wrong in this. But it is the nature of us human beings that only those whom we want the most.

We harm the Pipliya ji most knowingly or unknowingly like we are harming the sanity of Nandeshwar ji too.

Pipliya Ji Road
File: My udaipur City

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People of Udaipur are not taking this place seriously.

The emergence of any new tourist destination/tourist point benefits the local people, of course. But they also have to bear the losses caused by it. Because we go out ‘entertaining’, ‘feeling’, ‘taking selfie’, ‘eating and drinking’, but leave a trace of all these.

Admittedly, this is an age full of enthusiasm, but it does not mean that this age should be lived with carelessness and unhappiness. We must take so much care that at least the people living in Pipliya ji do not have to suffer because of us.

Pipliya Ji Udaipur Mountain
File: My Udaipur City

Not that Pipliya ji residence have any problem with our presence. He is really happy that he no longer has to come to the city/mandi to earn. This is where the daily wage jugaad takes place.

They are innocent, not clever like us (believe it or not but it is true), they does not think of future. Pipliya ji villagers live in today. And we are showing them hazy, cloud-like dreams of the future. We are making these villages into cities and the villagers into cities.

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