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Tidi Dam Jawar Mines Udaipur

Welcome to writerclubs! Udaipur is one of the beautiful places in Rajasthan. Lake city Udaipur is famous for its lakes, forts, culture and history. Tidi Dam is one of the best tourist destination of Udaipur. Tidi Dam is amazing picnic destination for you if you love nature with infrastructure in udaipur

Dam is located in Zawar Mines Udaipur Rajasthan. Dam was build by Hindustan Zinc Limited in 1976. Capasity of Dam is 300mcft and 67ft height.

Udaipur to Dam Distance

Distance is almost 35 Km which is 22.5 miles almost.

How to Reach Tidi Dam?

There are two ways to reach Tidi Dam first is via Udaipur Ahmedabad Highway road and second way is Udaipur Banswara Highway via Kewra khurd. let’s talk about Udaipur Ahmedabad Route.

Udr Ahmedabad Route :

It is a easiest and safest route to reach Tidi dam. Go to Govardhan villas road and turn right to National Highway 8 which is Udaipur-Ahmedabad Highway and go straight to Tidi. You can take help of map below.

It will take roughly 45-55 minutes to reach dam.

Tidi Dam Drone view Udaipur

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UDR Banswara Road via Kewra khurd :

It is alternative road to reach Zawar Mines by road. kewra is very well known forest area of Udaipur. Many Tourist also visit kewra forest in spare time. Route is so simple first go to Savina via krishi Upaj mandi and then take banswara salumbar highway.

after 18 kms you have to take a turn to oda road which leads you to Zawar Mines and then Tidi. It’s totally upto you that which road you want to follow.

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Must visit Places near Dam

If you are planning to visit Tidi Dam udaipur than please visit this places too. Zawar Mines and Tidi both are very famous place of Udaipur. There are few tourist attraction which deserve your presence.

There is a archeological site situated there which is almost 2500 – 4500 years old. This archeological site contains jain temples and small devsthans. There you can find jain Tirthankara idols there.

Zawar mines is also a good tourist attraction.

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