56 Ramayan Quotes, Messages, Thoughts and Status in English

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56 Ramayan Quotes in English 

There is no greater enemy of man than sorrow. Grief makes even the most intelligent and powerful person weak. Therefore, do not let sadness dominate your mind and intellect.

There is immense power in enthusiasm. A person with an upbeat mind can easily defeat even the biggest adversity.

An unenthusiastic, sad and weak person can never do any great work.

There is no benefit in ending your life when sadness comes. The path to happiness and joy lies through life only, not through death.

A person’s face is the mirror of his inner feelings. No one can hide his feelings from his face.

Anger is our enemy which looks like a friend. This is that sharp sword which can destroy everything of ours.

When a person’s destruction comes closer, even good advice from everyone seems bad to him.

There is no point in talking humility to a fool, love to a deceitful person, policy to a miser and peace to an angry person. All this is useless.

Ramayan Quotes in English

A dependent person, that is, one who works under others, does not get happiness even in his dreams. A person should make efforts only on the basis of independence i.e. his own strength.

There is no greater sin written in the scriptures than causing pain to others. Therefore, do not do anything towards anyone that will make him sad.

Whether in sorrow or in happiness, a friend always supports a friend.

An elder brother and teacher who imparts knowledge is considered as one’s father while following the path of religion.

A person who gives hope to another, promises to help with money or other material things, or helps a person who has helped that person in the past. After giving hope to the other person, if that person disappoints by not keeping his promise, then he is the worst person in this world.

Wise men say that the root of victory is consultation and discussion with learned and intelligent people.

A thundercloud that has spent all its water does not produce any rain. But the truly brave do not roar in vain; They show their bravery in action also.

Ramayan Quotes in English

Those who know religion say that truth is the supreme religion.

It is human nature to make mistakes, there is no one who has never made a mistake.

Not being sad, disappointed or discouraged is the basis of every kind of prosperity and happiness.

Stealing others’ money, coveting someone else’s wife and doubting the honesty and character of friends – all three lead to destruction.

Lust, anger and greed – these are the three omnipotent evils.

It is called religion because it supports or supports the society. The people of a country are held together and sustained by religion.

Those who always follow the truth do not give wrong words. Keeping one’s word is certainly a sign of a great man.

The one who leaves his own people and goes among the enemy, his old comrades, after finishing the enemy, finish him too!

Practice gratitude, for it brings happiness.

Ramayana Quotes and Status

Sorrow and adversity are two such guests of life, who come without invitation.

People who always follow the truth do not make false promises. Keeping one’s promises is, of course, a mark of one’s greatness.

The three main reasons for destruction are – theft of others’ wealth, evil eye on someone else’s wife and doubt on the character and integrity of one’s own friends.

Giving up one’s life does not yield any good results, continuing to live is the path to happiness and joy.

There may be wives and relatives all over the world but there cannot be a brother like Lakshman everywhere.

One who does not repay a favor is a disgrace to humanity.

Anger is the enemy that takes one’s life. Anger from the face of a friend is the enemy. Anger is like a very sharp sword. Anger destroys everything.

Mother and motherland are greater than heaven.

Ramayana Quotes and Status

Do good to others, and good will come to you.

Be kind and honest, for these are the pillars of a noble character.

In times of trouble, have faith and courage to face challenges.

Respect your elders, for their wisdom is a treasure.

Truth always triumphs over falsehood.

Do not let anger control you, for it can lead to regret.

Treat everyone with kindness, as we are all connected.

Learn from the past, live in the present, and hope for the future.

Ramayan Quotes in English

Wisdom comes from listening and learning, not just speaking.

Help those in need, for compassion is a sign of strength.

Forgive others, as forgiveness brings inner peace.

Work hard and be dedicated to your goals.

Family is a source of love and support, cherish them.

Be humble, for humility is a virtue.

Choose friends wisely, as they influence your character.

Do not be greedy, as true wealth lies in contentment.

Ramayan Quotes in English

Face challenges with a positive attitude, and you will overcome them.

Live a simple life, finding joy in little things.

Speak the truth, even if it is difficult, for honesty is valued.

Learn from mistakes, as they are opportunities for growth.

Respect all living beings, as they too have a purpose.

Stay determined and persevere in the face of adversity.

Be mindful of your actions, as they shape your destiny.

Love and unity bind us together, creating a harmonious world.

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