Road Safety Week Slogan for Students and Poster Activity

Road Safety Week Slogan

Read the collection of Road Safety Week Slogan for Poster in this article for students from class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 for students or posters activity. These slogans are not only for school kids but for the high school students, activists, writing slogan competition and other cultural activities. Take a look and use these slogans accordingly and we hope that you will like it and make you stand out from the crowd.

70 Road Safety Week Slogan for Poster

  1. Ride safely, avoid recklessness!
  2. Seat belt fastened, route respected.
  3. No phones while driving, be careful.
  4. Speed kills, slow down.
  5. Look left, look right, cross safely.
  6. Listen to the fire, not the street.
  7. The pedestrian has priority, show courtesy.
  8. Be cool, respect the traffic rules.
  9. No racing on the road, it’s a safe place.
  10. Children first, drive safely.

Drive Safely Slogans 

  1. No drinking and driving, be smart.
  2. Light on, visibility assured.
  3. By bike or on foot, caution is your shield.
  4. Stops and red lights are for your safety.
  5. Tight belt, preserved day.
  6. Turn signals are important, be careful.
  7. No rush, get to your destination.
  8. In school zones, caution necessary.
  9. Don’t be distracted, the road must be respected.
  10. Zero distractions, zero accidents.

Drive Safely Slogans

  1. Walk in groups, be safe.
  2. Wear a helmet, be comfortable.
  3. The road is not a race track, be at your ease.
  4. Eyes on the road, not on the phone.
  5. Respect the lights, not the shortcuts.
  6. No stress, respect the road, that’s success.
  7. At the crossroads, be smart.
  8. No fire burn, be a hero.
  9. Belt fastened, smile preserved.
  10. Zero accidents is our mission.

Road Safety Week Slogan for Poster

  1. Road courtesy is the key to safety.
  2. Your attitude matters, be responsible on the road.
  3. No rush, it’s the best decision.
  4. Road safety is our priority.
  5. No distractions, every second counts.
  6. Walk and ride safely, that’s the key.
  7. No crazy racing, stay calm while driving.
  8. Be careful at the crossroads, this is the route.
  9. Be a superhero, always wear your helmet.
  10. No texting while driving, it’s important!

Road Safety Week Slogan for Poster

  1. On the road, be smart, be attentive.
  2. Don’t panic, drive organic.
  3. Flashing lights aren’t for decoration.
  4. Walk, ride, but always be cool.
  5. No madness, drive in harmony.
  6. Careful today, alive tomorrow.
  7. Respect pedestrian crossings, it’s important.
  8. No rush, it’s a question of safety.
  9. Belts are in, wear one.
  10. No overtaking, be in the right movement.

Road Safety Week Slogan for Poster

  1. At every turn, be wise.
  2. Road safety is everyone’s business.
  3. No zigzag, it doesn’t make you cool.
  4. By bike or on foot, vigilance is our pride.
  5. Be a champion of safety, not recklessness.
  6. No telephone, that’s a golden rule.
  7. Drive intelligently, not impulsively.
  8. Road courtesy is classy!
  9. No street without lights, it’s dangerous.
  10. Along the way, be the king of caution.

Road Safety Week Slogan for Poster

  1. No rush, drive wisely.
  2. No stress, it’s the road to success.
  3. Safety first, everything else later.
  4. No noise, be a perfect pilot.
  5. Respect the speed limit, it’s your responsibility.
  6. No running without a cause, take a break.
  7. Pedestrians have rights, be respectful.
  8. No distraction, it’s action.
  9. Caution is a superpower. – road safety week slogan for poster
  10. No compromise, safety is the motto.

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