48 Roman Reigns Quotes, Words, Captions and Status

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48 Roman Reigns Quotes and Status 

I’m doing pretty good for myself, and I’m very proud and very humbled at where I’m at, and I’m extremely blessed.” – Roman Reigns

It was an absolute pleasure just to be able to tell my grandkids, ‘Yep. I Superman-punched Vince McMahon right in the face twice.’ You can put that on my mantle.” – Roman Reigns

As far as match-ups are concerned, I feel pretty good about matching up with anybody. I’m sort of a hybrid wrestler. I’m extremely explosive; I’m a good athlete. I can move around.” – Roman Reigns

I’m a family man. I have a daughter and a wife, and I spend more time on the road with my wrestling family than I do with my actual household and my immediate family.” – Roman Reigns

I’ve been in the ring with so many guys, and I’ve been in the ring quite a bit with Randy. The WWE live events are… a little bit different from what you see on TV. It seems to flow better; more matches, longer wrestling.” – Roman Reigns

I’m wrestling almost every single day of the week. I’m fighting for so much more. I’m trying to capture a life here, a future. I’m trying to put my kid in college. There are so many things I’m doing. I’m representing the biggest wrestling family on earth.” – Roman Reigns

I get to partner up with all different types of opportunities.” – Roman Reigns

I’m not a crazy Twitter guy to where I’m tweeting out stuff every day, and rarely even once a week do I tweet. But I mean, occasionally, I read some stuff.” – Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns Quotes and Status

If you’re a Daniel Bryan fan, I’m all for that. The more people Daniel Bryan will bring into arenas, the better. The more people I bring in, the better. But when I’m talkin’, shut the hell up and let me talk.” – Roman Reigns

I wash it a couple times a week, but pretty much every night, I put in some leave-in conditioner. I want to say it’s like a Moroccan-type, argan oil conditioner of some sort. I don’t know; I just use it. I don’t really know the details on it.” – Roman Reigns

I can’t say I’m a full-on gamer, since, basically, I just don’t have time for it. I know nowadays, gaming can be a lot like social media. People just stay on it all day long. Like they’re logged into the Matrix. But yeah, I enjoy it. When I get the time.” – Roman Reigns

Growing up, I’ve had plenty of obstacles, but to be honest, I didn’t always have doubters. I was a standout athlete, so when that happens, you don’t have too many people telling you ‘You can’t do this,’ and ‘You can’t do that.’ I’ve always been a bit of a people person and a hard worker.” – Roman Reigns

Before you know it, I’m not going to be able to tie these boots up and do what I do in the ring for my whole life. We’re all getting older, so I’m trying to live in the moment and enjoy everything that’s being thrown at me.” – Roman Reigns

Everyone’s been through hell to get where they are, and I’m not gonna let anybody talk down on what I’ve done just cause I didn’t do what Daniel Bryan or your other favorite wrestlers did. Don’t mean I didn’t earn my spot.” – Roman Reigns

If it wasn’t for women, I wouldn’t be here. I’m a mamma’s boy at heart. I love my mom. I have the deepest, utmost respect for women.” – Roman Reigns

I love doing a lot of cardio. It’s not so much for the way I look. It’s for how I perform. If I get in the ring with a 215-pounder, I wanna be able to keep up with him agility-wise. I take that back to my football days of being a large athlete that could move.” – Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns Words

Answer The Call’ – we’re trying to support the real heroes of our world, the people who protect us and afford us freedom and give us that peace of mind.” – Roman Reigns

I think all The Shield boys will tell you we hold The Shield very dear to our hearts. That was our vehicle to where we are now, and to get out of developmental and out of that hot Tampa warehouse.” – Roman Reigns

Believe in yourself; otherwise, no one else will.

Winning begins with the proper mindset, not just in the ring, but in life.

Always find the strength to persevere, no matter how difficult things become.

Always bring your best game, whether in the ring or in daily battles.

Success is earned, not granted. Work hard and get what you deserve.

Respect is earned through actions, not simply words.

Roman Reigns Words

Never back down from a challenge; instead, face it head on and conquer.

Family is the most powerful source of strength and motivation.

Be the architect of your own destiny, and construct it with determination.

Adversity creates champions.

Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback. Keep moving forward.

Strength is more than just physical ability; it also includes mental and emotional resilience.

Discover your purpose and let it propel you to greatness.

Insecurity is loud, whereas confidence is silent. Believe in your ability.

Roman Reigns Quotes and Status

Lead by example and inspire others to join you.

Failures can teach you valuable lessons, but they should never define you.

In the ring, I’m the Big Dog, but in real life, we’re all equal.

Be humble in victory and graceful in defeat.

A true champion elevates others rather than bringing them down.

Your legacy is built on the decisions you make now.

The path to success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Never underestimate the value of hard work and dedication.

Roman Reigns Quotes and Status

Maintain your focus and avoid distractions.

When faced with a challenge, one’s character emerges. Be unbreakable.

There is no substitute for passion and perseverance.

In the ring, I am the Head of the Table; in life, we all have roles to play.

A solid foundation is essential in wrestling and life.

Success is most rewarding when shared with those who believed in you.

Be the type of person you’d admire, both inside and outside the ring.

At the end of the day, it’s not about winning or losing, but about how you play the game.

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