35 Sarah Jakes Roberts Quotes for Inspiring Life

Sarah Jakes Roberts Quotes

Sarah Jakes Roberts Quotes are as inspiring as her life, Sarah Jakes Roberts who has overcome a teenage pregnancy and a failed marriage today, is not only a mother of six, but also a best-selling author and media personality who works with her husband Toure Roberts in the service of Hollywood artists and professionals at One Church LA.

Sarah is a driving force in the grassroots market of film, publishing and community programs that inspire and educate people of all ages and backgrounds. Sarah is an author, entrepreneur and the daughter of the ministerial icon who rose to fame with her memoir Lost.   

She is the founder of Women Evolving (2017), a movement dedicated to erasing boundaries and challenging norms. Anyone who has followed her for a while knows that she loves books.

35 Sarah Jakes Roberts Quotes and Captions

“If you believe that you are as beautiful as you are, regardless of the atmosphere that surrounds you, if pain, rejection, disappointment and fear threaten to tear away courage, trust, hope and peace, you will find willpower to resist the fading darkness and stand tall.”

Don’t throw away your life because you don’t like what Mark Nave did.

Open their eyes to the power they have to overcome the things that harm them.

You can make changes if you wish to. Take tiny measures, and things will improve.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts Quotes and Captions

“That is your guarantee of sneaking up on you when you are looking in one direction, and that is your guarantee of covering up your blind spots.”

No one can make you question your motives, find the root of your problems, or love you at every turn.

God orchestrates your life in such a way that He lets people pray for you whom you cannot meet.

From the moment old thinking comes to life, remind us that you can do things anew.

You are an unstoppable force that can unleash another dimension of life that you can both enjoy and understand.

Enjoy your journey because each step is a part of your unique tale.

Statistics may count for nothing, but God is a miracle worker and he is the pioneer.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Quotes and Words

“A woman who celebrates the woman she is, not what threatens her success, her beauty or her wealth: she is who she is because God is in her.”

Don’t allow fear dictate your actions; instead, follow your faith.
Life’s storms may rock you, but remember that you may be as strong as an anchor.
When you understand who you truly are, you will get the strength to be yourself.
Forgiveness is a gift to yourself; it allows you to let go of negative emotions.
Your history can shape you, but it does not determine your future. You can alter your story.
Saying thank you on a regular basis encourages nice things to happen.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts Quotes and Words

“God does not give us children, visions, dreams, marriages, opportunities and second chances just because we sit back and watch everything die.”

Try to focus on what is important rather than being perfect. Being flawless does not add to your value.
Others’ perceptions of you do not define who you are. You can choose who you wish to be.
Choose love, even if others are cruel. It has the ability to alter people’s emotions.
Let go of old things to make way for new ones. New beginnings can be stunning.
Scars demonstrate that you have overcome adversity and emerged stronger. Be proud of them.
Be kind during difficult times. Your kindness can spark greater kindness.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts Quotes and Words

“Dream big, even if things are rough right now. Your dreams have the potential to bring about positive outcomes.”

Don’t heed to your inner critic; you’re still improving, not flawless.
Find joy in small moments. The best portions of life are usually simple.
Forgive yourself for mistakes. Today is a new opportunity for something positive.
Be with people who help you improve. Friends should help you grow.
Stand up for your beliefs, even if it means standing alone. Being yourself is beneficial.
Trust that things will improve. Faith enables you to discover your mission.

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