Hindu Temples and Science – Temples and Idolatry Worship Explained

Namashkaram! Welcome to writerclubs! Temples what’s there inside just a stone is it let’s forget that it’s god for some time let’s talk science okay. Well before that I want you to read this full article coz this article will change your views on temples and idolatry. After reading this article you will left out with some strong fundamentals and science of Hindu temples and Idolatry worship. You will get to know that why Hindu worship temples and idols?

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Science behind Temples and Idolatry worship in Sanatana Dharma (Hindu Dharma)

Well I mentioned here hindu dharma for better understanding. And it will represent the sanatana dharma. Here so next time When I use hindu word please take this as sanatana dharma synonym.

Temple and Idolatry worshiping is common in hindu dharma and from thousands or lakhs of years we are worshiping our temples and idols. Hindu dharma practice science and there is a science behind hindu temples and idolatry worshiping.

Which I am going to discuss in this article…..

Well if we hear the so called western thinkers then we are left with a quote and though of stone worshiping. Why we worship Stone? Coz hindu temples and idols are made of stone. Right!

Hindu Temples and idolatry! what’s there inside just a stone is it let’s forget that it’s god for some time let’s talk science okay. let’s look at this stone as a stone, keep your gods aside for a while.

hindu temple stone

If you look at the temple structure deep inside the sanctum sanctorum. All you will find is a stone.

Six to seven feet or nine feet including the pedestal etc. A whole lot of people are ridiculing why this much decoration to a stone.

Whole lot of people are ridiculing why this much decoration to a stone in Hindu temples. What’s there in it how can you worship this stone. As got to all the intellectuals who are ridiculing idol worshipping. There is a science behind this. And I want to you involve in this deep study of Hindu temples and idolatry worshiping.

Hindu Temples and Idolatry
idolatry worship

Let’s talk science okay……. Science of Hindu temples and Idolatry worship.

Stone and Stone Worshiping – Idolatry

What is stone or rock? Stone is made up of medals and minerals. If you go to a valley and shout something what does the rocks do.

It will give you an echo. It’s an open place the sound travels hits the rock and throws it back. This phenomena is called echo and it’s scientifically proven.

Everybody knows it depending on how loud you send these sound waves accordingly rocks will throw back an echo. Every rock that’s why you will hear two three sounds at different intervals visually you cannot see what’s happening but you can hear it.

Why you will hear two three sounds at different intervals. Visually you cannot see what’s happening but you can hear it. This is in open space. Imagine if you’re doing it in a closed place, what would be the amount of echo. Obviously much more than the open space.

let’s get inside the Hindu temples you will find a linga or a statue made of a rock and it’s placed in a closed wall structure with a galigopuram on the top.

That means a pyramid structure with a tip pointing to the sky. There will be no ventilation tight packed and covered with stone walls.

To a precision where even the light cannot enter. People send some sounds to the rock not just today it’s been practiced since thousands of years.

pujaris and pandits are sending some sounds to the rock continuously right from the morning to afternoon to evening till night every day.

Why Hindu worship (temples) Stone Idols?

Read This Word by word and slowly slowly…

We all know that sound has a form. 72 percent of our body is water, twelve percent is earth, six percent is air, four percent is fire, and the remaining is space. Don’t you think this sound has an impact on our system.

Remember everything in the cosmos responds to the sounds. That’s why yogis of the past have always said sound is the basis of existence.

sound is the basis of existence

Every form is a certain reverberation of sound. Always remember If you master the sound you can play with the five elements.

That’s how the sages of the past used to walk on water disappear into the air walk through the walls etc in harry potter movie. What you have seen is just a fiction story. But here we’ve got yogis who did all that for real.

Even though there are many mystics who can do these things, not just them you and I can do it. Only if we attain certain mastery over the sound you need a perception beyond the senses to do that for that you need to do a different level of sadhana.

Now, Inside the temple they chant some mantras, what happens is the sound will touch the stone and bounce back in different directions because it’s a closed room the sound has to pass out to the main door and whoever is standing in front will be completely soaked in that energy.

Impacts of this sound on human body an nervous system

These sounds are engineered in such a way that the rhythm of the chant will go inside your parasympathetic nervous system and will put you into deep sleep within three to five minutes .

first thing is the chant is some thousands of years old how could these ancient sages know that these sounds impact the parasympathetic nervous system.

This pandits do it in the night and in the morning pandits chant vishnu sahasranamam the thousand names of bhagavan vishnu.

And again these sounds are engineered in such a way that it will wake you up to a peaceful and refreshing state of mind.

I’m sure most of you are suffering with painful wake ups with such an irritating mind that you can’t sleep and you don’t enjoy waking up. If you listen to vishnu sahasranamam in the morning it will clear all these clutches in the brain and you will be super fresh.

This is the only reason that you are advised to go to temple everyday at morning and evening. But we thought ourselves educated. We deny the Temples and Idolatry worship.

Next time when you go to temple, please keep important thing in your mind. That our ancient sages were infinite intelligent than us.

This is the reason why Hindu worship stone or idols. Sound is the reason. This is the science of Hindu temples and idolatry worship.

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