35 Self hate quotes to avoid toxic people

This self hate quotes Quotes article explains how you feel better. People also use the quotes to get others to empathize and feel sorry for them. By keeping these captions as a status or sharing it on peoples social media profiles, people gain attention and let the world know we are feeling miserable on the inside. The 35 self hate quotes will provide you with the time for self-reflection where you can really reflect on how those are the exact thoughts I have, and then can make conscious efforts to change those.

35 Self hate quotes

Cutting out the negative people in my life does not mean that I hate them, but simply that I respect me.

What I want you to believe is this: If you hate the person that I love, you simply do not know me.

I love you, and because I love you, I would rather have you hate me for telling you the truth, rather than worship me for telling you lies.

I am at this place in life where I 100% love you, 100% hate you.

I have no time, energy, or interest to hate a hater; I am too busy loving the Lover.

I will do right by those who love me, and wrong by those who hate me, so long as my lungs are breathing. – self hate quotes

Let God work out what men are doing, for hate will also consume your hearts.

You can choose to go forward in love, or go backwards in hate, people must make that choice for themselves.

Do not worry about whether or not somebody hates you, people generally hate those who are better than they are.

I Hate Myself captions

“People either love me or hate me, all I think of are people that I know, suffering for various causes, and carrying out my charitable activities, and it is what keeps me going, really.”

No one could hate you more intensely than the person who loved you before.

People who hate you for the simple envy that comes from seeing you succeed are doing themselves harm, disguised.

Trust gets you killed, love gets you wounded, and being true gets you hated.

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Insecurity is a nasty thing that makes you hate people that you do not even know.

You seem to take things so personally, you hate people and worship people – always thinking that people are so important – yourself in particular. – self hate quotes

It is really difficult as an artist to take on the fact that there are many people who hate me, but then the flipside is there are a lot of more people that love me.

I think people like each other just a little bit more than they hate each other… love has a tenuous grip on human society, something like fifty-one percent, but that is good enough.

It takes much more energy to spew hate than to let love freely flow through our lives.

Envy quotes and captions

“I’m envious of the people who don’t have to be. I’m envious of the people who can choose to be. I’m envious of those who don’t have to hate. I’m envious of those who don’t have to envy.”

Envy is a heavy load. It’s like carrying around a bunch of rocks that you don’t have the strength to lift.

When you’re feeling down, Take a moment to remember that you are not alone.

You are not the only one with hate in their heart. There is always someone worse off than you, And it’s always worth making an effort to help them out. – self hate quotes

I’m going to love you just the way you are—but if you keep taking up all my space, I’ll have to kick you out.

The only thing that can make you feel better about your life is to hate it.

When you’re feeling down, don’t worry about making yourself happy—just make someone else’s life miserable.

If you want to be happy, be petty. I don’t hate you. I’m just sick of you.

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Self hate quotes quotes and captions

“Because my life is full of love and peace and joy, while yours is full of hate, anger, hate… so if you want to hate me, go ahead—it makes no difference to me!”

When you’re feeling hate, don’t hate yourself. Hate the person who’s making you feel this way.

If I could be free of hating you, I’d be free of hating myself as well.

If you have to choose between being loved and being famous, choose being loved. – self hate quotes

The only way to deal with your haters is to be better than them.

You can’t hate people who don’t exist.

Sometimes I feel like hating someone so much that I lose my breath and die.

The best way to get over someone is to look at a pretty flower and think of them.

Hate is just the wind without wings.

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