36 No expectations no disappointments quotes

In this post, I share some quotes about expectations that are harmful, along with images, which tells you about the realities of expectations and living. Here, we are going to read about no expectations no disappointments quotes and sad feelings you get when you are hurt. The best inspirational expectancy quotes that will help you to focus in your present moment.

Here are the best expectations quotes to read by well-known personalities which are sure to give you inspiration. May these amazing expectations quotes teach you more on a subject that could transform your life for the better. Here are the top 10 powerful and inspirational expectations quotes that will help you to check your expectations.

36 No expectations no disappointments quotes

“Whether in relationships, you expect him or her to do things you enjoy, expect him or her to give you things for your birthday, expect many things, and when they do not happen, you are hurt, you are feeling.”

It is commonplace, but harness that wisdom to guide your expectations–or, to put expectations into proper perspective, to be more precise.

Problems occur when we do not give expectations their proper meaning, for example, by expecting more or less of others or ourselves than we should.

Expectations are not always harmful, but we hurt when our expectations are out of line with reality.

Expectations are not always painful, expecting the wrong thing of people is the one that hurts most, expecting it of the people that do not care for you is painful.

Friends may hurt you, but the potential for hurting from lovers is much greater, because you have such a higher expectation.

When you have a very concrete expectation for how things are supposed to go, then, obviously, that is where you wind up hurting yourself. – no expectations no disappointments quotes

Life is easier when you stop caring, when you stop expecting things to be better.

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You never find happiness when you just expect to have the perfect life. When you expect nothing from life, you have less stress in life.

Expectation hurts captions and sayings

“Expectations are like a snowflakes: no two are exactly alike, but once you start to look closely, they all have a lot of really similar features.”

Expectations are useless because it doesn’t have meaning.

I don’t hold you to any expectations, but I would like for you to be happy and healthy.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Don’t let your heart be stolen by the first person who comes along.

Expectations are like a double-edged sword.

Expectations can be a powerful tool if you use it wisely, but they can also be dangerous if you don’t know how to wield them properly. – no expectations no disappointments quotes

Expectations are like chainsaws: if you’re not careful, they’ll cut you to pieces.

I’ve never been satisfied with less than the best, so I’m not going to settle for anything less than my best.

No expectations no disappointments quotes

“I expect to love myself as much as I can. I expect to be good at what I do, and to do it with passion and precision. I expect to be able to help others when they need it most. I expect that one day, my life will be full of love and laughter, accomplishment and adventure.”

If you want to be happy, move forward. If you want to be sad, stay where you are.

Don’t look back and don’t look ahead—just live in the moment.

Expectation is a burden, but without it we cannot be happy.

Expectations are like health policy, it breaks on it’s expiry.

But above all else, I expect nothing from anyone—not even the person whose birthday cake I’m eating on today!There is the preposterous expectation that a women’s movement should be history’s first revolution to achieve its goals without hurting anybody’s feelings. – no expectations no disappointments quotes

Expectations are like a broken leg, they don’t heal themselves.

Expectations are like wet cement. They’re heavy, they’re hard to move and you can’t get them anywhere else.

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Expectation hurt quotes and captions

“If we over-expect, and things do not turn out as we would like, we are left with nothing but disappointment.”

Today, expect good things to happen to you, regardless of what happened yesterday.

The idea that good things will happen in the future is called anticipation.

Expectations can have positive or negative effects on our lives, depending on their outcomes.

Life is structured in such a way that events do not, cannot, and do not conform to expectations.

Our desires are ever disappointing to us; because although we encounter things which make us happy, they never fully fulfill our expectations. – no expectations no disappointments quotes

Expectations must not be taken always as realities; for you never know when you are going to be disappointed.

Stay clear of the expectations that you wish for each day, before they can harm you.

Writing a speech gives you an expectation to win, so if you do not win, it will be devastating or painful for you.

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