30 Selfish World Quotes to be a selfless person

The following quotes about a selfish world can grab attention and inspire change. These quotes from selfish people paint a powerful picture of why we don’t want to be selfish people. This list of quotes about selfishness will help you remind yourself of the importance of helping others.

Here are the best selfishness quotes from famous people that are sure to inspire you. Share these selfish world quotes with your friends, family and loved ones to let them know what selfishness is.

Selfish World Quotes

“A great person is someone who has let go of their selfishness and wants to help others. Just indulge and be selfish, but true happiness is when you start giving.”

True, life is selfish, but many people are also far more selfish than life, which is sad.

In any society that idolizes happiness, comfort, and independence, the great danger to family life is that people close their hearts and become selfish.

Selfish people cannot love others, but they also cannot love themselves.

Selfishness can lead to feelings of superiority, but life as such will surely reject them.

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Selfishness is not about living the way you want to live, it’s asking others to live the way you want to live.

Everyone lives by arousing egoism; in fact it is human nature; while these motifs show his mood and character, not his nature.

Today even love is selfish; so much selfishness surrounds our planet.

Unfortunately, it’s true that despite our best efforts to change, selfish feelings never seem to go away.

Selfish World Quotes

Selfishness is inherent in all of us, this is the sad reality of life and no one cares.

It’s sad that most people who have great ideas are so selfish and use them to their advantage.

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Funny Selfish World Quotes

“Your task is to understand that happiness can only be found by those who are no longer selfishly seeking it. Once you conquer your selfish ego, all your darkness will become light.”

You can’t be accused of being selfish if you’re better for it. Find a balance between being unselfish, taking care of yourself, and working toward your goals and dreams.

If you are the center of your world, you are most likely motivated by selfish motives.

A selfish world is a world where everyone looks after themselves and their own interests.

Selfish World Quotes

In a selfish world, everyone will do everything possible to be happier, even if it means sacrificing others.

If all the people in the world we live in are as selfish as the few in the world we live in, then there is no world to live in​​​.

We are nothing without someone deeply attached to you, your family and friends, a selfish preference for a place.

If you think you are the most important person in this world, where everyone is treated equally, then you are being selfish.

Taking care of your own interests, happiness, and ignoring those around you is selfish.

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Mean World Thoughts

“There is overwhelming evidence on all sides that just the opposite is true and that faith makes people angrier, more selfish, and, perhaps most importantly, dumber.”

Since extremely selfish people think only of themselves, the consequences of what they do are negative.

“Foolish and selfish people always think fools and the results are always negative. For example, some people may think that every time they put themselves first, they are being selfish.

Selfish World Quotes

Some people hide behind the truth for no real reason, but only for their own selfish gain.

The world is unfair, and fools, cowards, liars and egoists often hide from above.

Don’t let selfish people disturb your life and push them away from you.

As they say, no one is an island, people need to grow with each other, and to live a happier life, one must open up to others.

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When you’re creatively working together, you need to be less selfish about your ideas and learn how to make both parties feel appreciated.

Love is always beneficial for a person, as is compassion, as long as egoism is absent.

While it’s good for you to be selfish, you have to be fully informed first. The real measure of selfishness is to ask a person how much he is willing to sacrifice.

Selfish World Quotes

Too often, we are so focused on ourselves that almost everything and everything seems to revolve around our selfish needs.

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