60 Bad Words Hurt Quotes and Captions: Soft Feelings

Many people find it difficult to express their hurt feelings without hurting them. 60 Bad Words Hurt Quotes and Captions claim that words hurt people, while some quotes help motivated people not be offended by other people’s comments.

The painful quotes above contain many words of encouragement and are very helpful to anyone who is grieving for any reason. However, sometimes we want to support our hurting friends but can’t find the right words to express what we want to say.

In these cases, sharing encouraging words of encouragement with them can ease their pain. Even if you have not experienced the same trials and tribulations that those around you go through, you can still be a good friend to those loved ones who are suffering.

It hurts even more when you find out that you are just someone you love, across the bridge that their loved ones cross.

In that regard, here is a collection of inspirational, wise and comforting Bad words hurt quotes we have collected from a variety of sources.

60 Bad Words Hurt Quotes and Captions

“This is not a metaphor, but implies that in our life someone can physically hurt you with sticks and stones, but words will never hurt you until you think about them.”

When you are hurt by someone you truly care about, there is a hole in your heart that only love can fill.

Silent tears frequently follow the loudest words.

bad words hurt quotes

The hurtful words we say are like feathers blown away by a gust of wind; we will never return them.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but words can cut us deeper than any physical pain.

Several sentences tell us that words are more painful than any physical injury.

We can tear someone apart with them, we can write words that can permanently hurt another person.

Words have the potential to either strengthen or weaken relationships.

Words Hurt Quotes and Captions

“I knew I shouldn’t care, those words still hurt like pinching, and pinching can be very painful if done in the same place many times in a row.”

  1. Words can cut deeper than knives, leaving behind hidden scars.
  2. Sticks and stones may break bones, but words will break hearts.
  3. Invisible wounds are words that sting, stay, and never go away.
  4. A single word can destroy a thousand dreams.
  5. Bruises heal, but harsh words remain forever.
  6. Words, like darts, penetrate the spirit.
  7. Harsh comments can cause havoc in tranquil hearts.
  8. A wounded heart may heal, but the echoes of bitter words persist.

Words Hurt Quotes and Captions

“The unkind things we communicate can ruin the best relationships; even the deepest regrets…all that is left is a pain that may go away but never really goes away.”

  1. A lexicon of pain is filled with harsh words.
  2. Words may be forgotten, but their impact can endure a lifetime.
  3. Broken bones mend faster than shattered spirits caused by words.
  4. Kindness is the cure to the poison of harmful speech.
  5. Words may be weapons; wield them wisely.
  6. A tongue can be sharper than a blade.
  7. Behind every insult is a piece of someone’s crushed heart.

Words Hurt Quotes and Captions

“Because even the smallest words can hurt you or save you. Of course, people’s feelings will be hurt when you use certain words, but you can’t outlaw words.”

  1. Words are like seeds; they can sprout into flowers or weeds.
  2. The scars of words are invisible but intensely felt.
  3. Speak with kindness; you never know the weight of your words.
  4. A moment of rage can wreak a lifetime of pain through words.
  5. Regret frequently accompanies words spoken in haste.
  6. A single harsh word might cause a river of tears.
  7. Healing begins when we pick words that mend rather than break.
  8. Before you talk, consider the long-term consequences of your words.

Words Hurt Quotes and Captions

“Allow your words to weave a thread of compassion rather than malice across the canvas of life.”

  1. The echoes of bitter words can drown out the most beautiful melodies of life.
  2. A gentle word can be a healing ointment for a wounded soul.
  3. Although apologies are exchanged, the consequences of cruel remarks remain.
  4. Words have the ability to shape destinies, so handle them with care.
  5. Forgive, yet the memory of bitter words may persist.
  6. Silence can be golden; it spares the anguish of meaningless words.
  7. The tongue is a two-edged blade; use it to create, not harm.
  8. The deepest hurts are often caused by words.

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Taunts hurt quotes

“Trust me, not hearing the words will hurt more than saying them. Time away from Mirabelle is strange and full of pain; When I look into your eyes, I see how savagely savagely life has made you; It’s okay if you fall, I’ll be there to catch you Anyone who wants to hurt you Must kill me to do it; I can never line up words to match the speed of your presence.”

Words can really hurt a person very deeply and upset him emotionally.

We have often seen how hurtful and offensive words can destroy families, relationships and love.

Words can hurt, but sometimes it’s the words you never say that hurt you the most.

“Honey, you can’t stop hateful people from throwing hurtful words like stones.

Let those who hurt you see that their words can hurt you, and you’ll never get rid of the ridicule.

“You can’t for all the hurt you’ve done to me.” And let me keep silent to shame or blame me.

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Your words hurt me captions

I hope you use yours forever, because the only words you’ll regret more than the ones left unspoken are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone.

Honesty hurts, and depending on the situation, you really should think twice about what you say.

It’s funny how bad words can come back to thoughts years after they’ve been thrown at you in a soulless way.

Behind every grin, there could lie a secret heartbreak caused by unspoken words.

Sadly, words hurt and can cause a lot of conflict, but, when used for good, they generate waves of optimism and hope.

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Words that hurt feelings

“Getting hurt effectively means we’re hurting, how can we effectively learn the lesson right now so that the next time you’re heartbroken, which is inevitable, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it.”

These inspiring insults will inspire you to be kind and not use offensive and rude words to your loved ones and others.

“There are always people who want to hurt you, humiliate you, gossip about you, belittle your achievements, and condemn your soul.

I can assure you that as you go on living day by day, the opinions and words of those who hurt you speak to you. will become less and less important.

We can use this power constructively, using words of encouragement, or destructively, using words of despair. We can pray for a warning not to speak words that might offend or seduce someone else.

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