Shot on iPhone Meme – Song, Ad campaign and Many More

I am sure you laugh so much while watching shot on iphone Meme. Well I also laugh on that shot on iPhone meme. But have you noticed the amount of videos already uploaded on Internet and YouTube?

Thousands of videos are there with title shot on iPhone. If you noticed that this all started from Apple’s Ad Campaign Shot on iPhone 6 and then People just started Posting their short films on internet.

But Still something missing but shot on iPhone was a successful Ad campaign. But in 2019 Salena Gomez a Music Star who really shot a music video named “Lose you to Love one” from her iPhone 11.

Trust me That video gone viral and then Apple use 1 minute and 09 video from that viral song “Shot on iPhone 11 Pro – Selena Gomez – Apple” and Posted it on YouTube and Internet.

Just after that many creators started shooting on iPhone and posted on YouTube.

But Then Few Legendry Memers from United Status of America started creating short 30 seconds clip for fun. This is how meme originated.

Popularity of shot on iPhone meme was increasing day by day and then people started creating shot on iPhone meme. till today there are 100,000+ shot on iPhone meme videos over YouTube and Internet.

shot on iPhone meme template

What is the Shot on iPhone meme Song (Ringtone) Called?

I know you are curious about that and lot of people search for ringtone or background song (music) of this legendary meme. You Know the shot on iPhone meme background song name is Kungs vs Cookin on 3 Burners.

This song was uploaded on 26 March 2016 on YouTube. By Kungs YouTube Channel.

This song has almost 437 Million Views on YouTube till today. Kungs vs Cookin was sang by Kylie Auldist, Produced by La Main production, Directed by Matt Larson. Now this Kungs vs Cookin is background music of shot on iPhone meme.

Shot on iPhone most viral Ad Campaign

Shot on iPhone viral campaign was same Salena Gomez 1 minute song clip but some claim that Shot on iPhone meme is the most viral campaign.

If you agree or not Apple achieved what he want to do with that campaign. I know that Meme was a accidental product and not officially ever launched by Apple inc.

But just imagine, if you are a company! what you want from a Ad Campaign? Average Answer is Attention right! Well Attention is not an right answer. Companies like Apple, Pixar, One Plus, they want to create something memorable, something extraordinary which live forever between us.

There are few ad campaigns in this world are memorable, Legendry and Iconic and I thing shot on iPhone is one of them. Not that video campaign but the name itself “shot on iPhone”.

And I think the these memes are worthy for Apple. They might not be increasing the sales for apple but they are doing what many of us can’t do is providing happiness and smile.

I am damn sure that you can’t control your laugh for a second while watching the meme even I don’t.

With which Device did Apple launch their “shot on iPhone _______ campaign”

iPhone 11. Yes few sources claim that shot on iPhone was shot on iPhone 6 but I can’t find any campaign over internet with iPhone 6 mobile. iPhone 11 was the device and apple launch their shot on iPhone 11 campaign.

After that shot on iPhone became legendry shot on iPhone meme.

Who is “Linda H?”

Well shot on iPhone meme was legendry and like all legendry thigs this meme uses a default video template. In this template creators use a default name Linda H and reason is that meme creators don’t want to lose the originality of meme.

In Memes sometime Memers use to follow same template to look original to the source of the meme.

So it’s a wrap up of this Memeful blog and I am sure you like this. May be. If you have any suggestion for my blog or any new topic please comment down below so I can cover that too.

Thank you for reading and valuable time.

Shot on iPhone Meme Compilation

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