How to do 369 manifestation- What, Why, When and Examples.

What is Nikola Tesla 369 Method?

369 manifestation method according to nikola tesla, numbers three six and nine are divine numbers these numbers are encoded in our number system, they reflect the quality of divine gratitude is always the best way to go with this benefit station.

[Note: Proof is at the END but read full article for detailed explanation.]

Nicola tesla known as one of the greatest minds of all time functioned in a supernatural way within this mind of his were secrets. mysteries that he had tapped into he has been quoted as saying:

“My brain is only a receiver in the universe. There is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

he’s also been quoted as saying:

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” ~ Nikola Tesla

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369 Manifestation Method Explanation: Detailed description 

If you have a desire to understand the 369 manifest method then these four examples are perfect descriptions for you. Read these manifest examples and try to understand Tesla’s 369 code through these examples.

This 3 6 9 statement indicates a mathematical mystery as math relates to the universe magnetism and creation or what is termed manifestation mathematics is a powerful and important language. It’s known to be the source of all creation for instance, humans, animals, plants and insects. 

Example one:

When we take a look at time as we know it there are 24 hours in a day, two plus four equals six

There’s sixty minutes in an hour and six plus zero equals six

There are sixty seconds in a minute six plus zero again equals six

Additionally a complete circle or sphere is 360 degrees and three plus six plus zero equals nine

Half of a circle is a hundred and eighty degrees one plus eight plus zero again equals nine

A quarter of a circle is ninety degrees again nine plus zero equals nine.

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If you keep bisecting the circle down into equal fractions they all equal nine this creates a very distinct pattern the resulting angle always reduces to nine the sum of all numbers excluding nine is thirty-six three plus six equals nine.

Example two:

A family is created by the mother, the father and the child.

 The number three also represents the holy trinity of the father, the son and the holy ghost.

There is even the giza orion correlation theory that points out a distinct connection between the location of the three largest pyramids of the giza and the orion’s belt of the constellation orion. 

This theory states that this correlation was created intentionally by the builders of these pyramids three is the first number that forms a geometrical figure in the triangle; 

It is considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. It represents time in the form of past present and future and also the three ethical principles think good speak good and act good.

369 manifestation technique example 2
fig.2- 369 manifestation example
369 technique manifestation examples 3

Example three:

It also represents the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue that can be combined.

To make all other colors and it signifies a beginning, middle and end. 

As well as the birth life and death cycle in mathematics the number six is the first perfect number.

A number in which when all of its divisors are added excluding.

The number itself the sum equals the number itself one plus two plus three equals six

The sixth sense refers to extra sensory perception or intuition. 

The number six is the atomic number for carbon.

you may have heard it said that we’re shifting from carbon-based beings to crystalline based beings. 

Example four: 

In Bible john 2 verses 6 through 9, Jesus turned water into wine.

Additionally samsara or the wheel of life contains the six spheres of existence.

Here’s where things begin to get interesting with the 369 model in what is referred to as vortex math.

Curious Enough? Example five: 

All encompass the golden ratio, a geometrical pattern appearing to be the root of existence. We can find a tremendous amount of evidence that nature uses symmetry that consists of the numbers three and six.

That history and religion both reference the same an atom consists of three subatomic particles known as protons neutrons and electrons.

369 Manifestation Method in Nikola Tesla’s life:

Nikola Tesla used 369 daily in his life. In fact it appears he couldn’t escape from it when having a meal he would fold 18 napkins before he started eating because 18 was divisible by 3.

When he arrived at a hotel he always requested that his room number be divisible by 3 and specified that he would like 18 fresh towels to be delivered every morning. He also had the habit of walking three times around a building before entering it.

Manifestation technique Tik tok.

You’ve probably heard about the  369 Manifestation methods or nikola tesla Manifestation circulating on social media platforms such as facebook instagram twitter and Tik-Tok.

Did you know that this method was popularized by nikola tesla according to tesla the numbers 3, 6 and 9 are sacred numbers and you can see them in your daily life in the popular app Tik-Tok you can see a lot of manifestation coaches and followers vouching that the 369 method worked for them. In fact there are 23.9 million views on the hashtag number 369 manifestation.

What about you do you have the courage to take a chance on the 369 manifestation method? I have to warn you though if you’re going to do this you have to make sure you’re ready for it because the universe and forces of nature do not mince words. Are you ready? 

Manifestation Method Steps: 3rd Step

Step #1

Write it down the moment you wake up before you touch your phone and let outer influences fill your mind. Get a piece of paper and a pen and start writing what you want to manifest.

Well writing it on something tangible such as paper supercharges the intention. A quick reminder when you write manifestations when you manifest write in present tense. Use an adjective and describe a feeling visualize. How amazing it would feel as if your manifestation has already happened. 

Remove all doubts and believe that it’s coming. I mean truly deeply believe it, don’t doubt it at the back of your mind or you will be counteracting the positive vibrations with negativity. Take note in this particular method your manifestation.

369 Manifestation Steps! Writing Example. 

Here’s a sample manifestation statement:

  1. I am grateful and in all working as a successful blogger where I make ten thousand dollars a month.
  2. Going to hit all my click rates and quote is creating content and emails that help people find their life purpose from my content.
  3. I make my family happy and I am so grateful that my team values me and my efforts.

Another sample manifestation statement:

#1 I am so grateful that my love has returned,

#2 I feel whole again our love will last forever and together,

#3 We will build a bright future. thank you universe.

Write the same statement three times every morning as you write, feel every word vibrating in your system and release him out to the universe and enter the space of receiving. 

Remember to write it every morning without touching your phone or anything else and every time you write these lines just imagine that it actually happened in your life and you are just thanking the universe for the same. (Most important part. Never skip this process while writing)

Step #2

Repeat your manifestation statement six times in the middle of the day. After you’ve had your lunch, write the same manifestation statement you wrote in the morning for a total of six times. After you write them read the statement out loud six times with passion and conviction.

Well what’s the point of doing the same thing twice a day? So the point of this is to maintain your high frequency vibration all throughout the day.

Step #3:

Repeat your manifestation statement nine times before bed.

Before you go to bed write your manifestation again, this time for nine times. Followed by reading them aloud for nine times. At this point your affirmations will be the last thing on your mind and not in your to-do list or what has transpired during the day. 

This could put you in a high level receiving vibration that even in your sleep. Your brain is programmed to manifest tips. You need to train your mind and be in the energy of receiving in order to create the life you desire by doing, so you are constantly being in alignment with the universe.

If you fall back, just get back up and try again the vibration of receiving is a state when you’re all positive and open-minded and you know in your deepest core that what you ask you shall receive. 

Don’t look at it as a chore or a burden that you have to carry, do it happily or it may counteract your manifestations. When trying to manifest bear, in mind that the best is yet to come. 

At the back of your mind acknowledge that there’s a setup going on behind the scenes the universe is executing the shift for your new reality. Keep your heart open and stay patient.

how to do the 369 manifestation technique: Infographic.

how to do the manifest 369 technique step by step

Manifestation technique Writing: 2nd and 3rd

Into the universe for manifestation purposes people have claimed to have success with the following processes, think of something you want to manifest in your physical experience.

Once you’ve identified this thing start thinking of it in terms of energy frequency and vibration or the 3 6 9 of creation.

second method says:

To write your manifestation down three times in the morning six times, 

In the afternoon and nine times.

In the evening or you may prefer to simply focus on this thing in that way three times per day.

369 manifestation code timings

Manifestation Steps:

An alternate method consists of writing the basis of your manifestation down in a circle with three distinct parts.

Writing your intention within a circle that has six distinct parts and writing the action that you wish to occur within a circle that has nine distinct parts.

If you’ve had success with these processes please leave a comment letting me know and I personally like the first and last one which worked for me.

Customized 369 manifestation method Writing on paper.

I make it a little bit more visible for you guys,

Here I did the example of the This blog post, This blog post, This blog post, rank on google and then I want to earn more traffic as the action so that was nine times. I put it right here and then the other one I made it into the thing for method which is still the same manifestation method but it’s technically you’re being grateful instead.

Example: while writing all manifestations make sure you believe what you are writing and you have faith in what you are writing and you are feeling that it actually happened and you are thanking god and universe for his kind gesture.

This Blog Post-  3 times [your object]

This Blog post, This Blog Post, This Blog Post,

Gone Viral – 6 times [your goal]

gone viral, gone viral, gone viral, gone viral, gone viral, gone viral.

My website getting huge traffic from this blog post – 9 times [outcome in present tense]

My website getting huge traffic from this blog post X 9

Proof that my website getting huge traffic from this blog post.

Is the 369 manifestation method true?

I published this blog on 2021/04/03 Third April 2021 and Now my website getting a good amount of traffic from this blog post and I am including a screenshot as proof for the same that you can relate and convince that 369 Manifestation really work and it’s not a myth it’s a real way to fulfil your dream. It’s key to make your dream into reality. Yes! 369 Manifestation is true. See the screenshot proof below.

Screenshot of proof that the 369 manifestation is true?

369 Manifestation proof

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You have to believe what you are writing and keep patient and keep practicing and feel the power of 369 manifestation method, and if you like this post please comment down your views on this post and please let me know if I missed any point? check my blog Learn Anything with the Feynman Technique and The Nine Unknown Men – Nine Jewels of Ashoka article if you are a book and travel lover. If you need this article in PDF form please feel free to DM us (Instagram)

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