70 Slogan on Plantation: For Competition and Students

Slogan and Quotes On Tree Plantation

Read the collection of Slogan on Plantation in English in this article for students from class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 for students or posters activity. These slogans are not only for school kids but for the high school students, activists, writing slogan competition and other cultural activities. Take a look and use these slogans accordingly and we hope that you will like it and make you stand out from the crowd.

70 Slogan on Plantation

  1. Plant a tree, make Earth smile.
  2. Go green, plant a scene.
  3. Trees are cool, let’s plant in school.
  4. Green and serene, plant more, keep it clean.
  5. Plant a seed, watch it succeed.
  6. Grow a tree, set nature free.
  7. Be a planter, not a litterer.
  8. Trees are friends, let’s make amends.
  9. Plant a tree, let it be.
  10. Green is keen, plant for the scene.

Plant Trees Slogans 

  1. Plant today, breathe tomorrow.
  2. Trees are life, let’s end the strife.
  3. Arbor Day, plant away.
  4. Save a tree, save our glee.
  5. Plant a sapling, start the happening.
  6. Planting joy, tree by tree.
  7. Earth’s umbrella, plant a fella.
  8. Be a planter, be a caretaker.
  9. Sow a seed, fulfill a need.
  10. Green dreams, plant it seems.

Plant Trees Slogans

  1. Tree by tree, set nature free.
  2. Plant for pleasure, plant for leisure.
  3. Make Earth green, it’s a team.
  4. Trees unite, pollution’s kryptonite.
  5. Plant a thought, watch it wrought.
  6. Plant love, let it bloom.
  7. Nature’s call, plant for all.
  8. Plant a wish, make it swish.
  9. Green delight, plant at sight.
  10. Trees are gold, let them unfold.

Slogan on Plantation

  1. Grow a tree, let it be free.
  2. Plant a promise, reap a forest.
  3. Plant for life, end the strife.
  4. Green vibes, plant more tribes.
  5. Plant a cheer, make it clear.
  6. Go green, be seen planting.
  7. Be a tree buddy, keep Earth ruddy.
  8. Plant for peace, let conflicts cease.
  9. Nature’s song, plant along.
  10. Tree magic, let it be tragic.

Slogan on Plantation

  1. Plant a green dream, hear nature scream.
  2. Tree brigade, no masquerade.
  3. Plant a green story, bask in the glory.
  4. Grow a tree, set nature free.
  5. Plant for a cause, give Earth applause.
  6. Tree hugger, not a mugger.
  7. Plant a grace, save the space.
  8. Green thumb, make Earth hum.
  9. Trees in line, nature’s design.
  10. Plant for health, create wealth.

Slogan on Plantation

  1. Plant for a change, don’t be strange.
  2. Green team, fulfill the dream.
  3. Trees talk, let’s take a walk.
  4. Plant a green vow, save the now.
  5. Be a green knight, plant at twilight.
  6. Tree symphony, plant in harmony.
  7. Plant a cheer, make it clear.
  8. Tree delight, make it bright.
  9. Green ballet, plant away.
  10. Plant for the planet, be its tenant.

Slogan on Plantation

  1. Trees are gifts, let’s give and uplift.
  2. Green and grand, plant, take a stand.
  3. Plant for pleasure, grow for treasure.
  4. Tree troopers, be Earth’s super.
  5. Plant a bloom, chase the gloom.
  6. Grow a tree, set nature free. – slogan on plantation
  7. Plant for peace, let worries cease.
  8. Green parade, plant the grade.
  9. Be a green guide, plant with pride.
  10. Trees unite, make Earth bright.

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