33 Small steps quotes to make the big impact in life

Read these some of the small steps quotes can help push you closer to your goals because it reminds you to only take one step at a time. Read and Share on Instagram, Twitter and Blog and do not forgot to tag us as we love the social mentioning and care.

33 Small steps quotes

“If somehow you can think about and dream about succeeding with tiny steps, each time you make one, each time you achieve one little target, that gives you the confidence to keep going.”

Start encouraging the smaller changes by giving yourself just enough pressure to make that single, turtle-step forward.

Take much comfort knowing all big things are accomplished one tiny step at a time.

Take the dream, turn it into little goals, and then start taking steps toward achieving those goals.

If we take that one little step, there is always another step that we can take, and ultimately, the goal thought to be too far away becomes attainable.

There is always one small step away from where we are that will take us where we want to go.

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We may not be able to get ahead fast (running) or at a reasonable rate of speed (walking), but regardless of our circumstances, we can get ahead, taking a tiny step at a time. – small steps quotes

One might stay on the same footing by taking smaller steps, but one could possibly gain greater momentum by taking larger steps.

I truly believe that with these things you need to commit and put in the time, perfection is not forthcoming.

Small things quotes

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A little something, such as a hug or a kind text, can lift your spirits and turn a bad day around.

Love is what people desire, and it comes in smallest forms, from a small forehead kiss to a little smile to forms of self-love.

Life is made not by big sacrifices or duties, but by little things, and in these small gestures and duties, given voluntarily, are what keep hearts alive and provide consolation. – small steps quotes

Life is only a never-ending succession of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts.

If you can look at small things, the small details all around you, and treat them like they are the big things, you are enlightened.

The little, beautiful things of life all around us, the trees, leaves, flowers, fragrances of grass, a handful of tiny insects, it is nature filled with small things worth appreciating.

If you are going to be great at something large, you need to build habits at something small.

You cannot be disciplined at the big things and unruly at the little things.

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“Out of small beginnings, great things were produced by the hand of God, who made all things of nothing, and gave being to all things that were; and just as one little candle can light up a thousand, so a lighter has been lighted up here, to many.”

Sometimes people think that to change, you need to do something great.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, engaged citizens can make all the difference in the world; in fact, a small group of thoughtful individuals is the one thing that has ever done so. – small steps quotes

We can all do little things, with a lot of love, and together we can accomplish great things.

The big things — the way we think, what we value — these are things that you have to choose for yourself.

A little action, such as taking a tiny, tiny step each morning toward your dreams, is the one that matters the most in really getting there, rather than getting stuck in a dream about achieving a certain kind of future success.

By making sure that your first steps are really tiny, you are giving yourself the best chance at success.

A Once you have experienced the pleasure of taking that first step, you can decide if taking another is the right thing to do.

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Small steps quotes

“At this point, it is more important than ever to keep taking multiple, smaller steps forward, even when it does not feel like it, even when it feels like you are never going to get where you are going, even when things feel hopeless.”

Stepping one step at a time gives us a chance to slow down, to become aware of our surroundings and to stay vigilant.

We need to work toward what we want, and start with taking a single, tiny step.

It is better to take a lot of small steps in the right direction, rather than making one big jump forward, only to stumbling backwards. – small steps quotes

Look back at where you were before you started taking baby steps, and notice how your life has changed for the better.

The more you make tiny steps, the more little rewards you get, and that encourages you to make more moves.

If you are ever feeling like you are looking forward to an activity, or making up excuses not to take action, then it is time to reduce the step size.

It is wonderful to have grand dreams and ambitious goals, but the greatest efforts begin with smaller thoughts that result in smaller actions.

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