Collection of 27 Stealing quotes and captions

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Gobble up old movies, new movies, music, books, paintings, photographs, poetry, dreams, casual conversations, architecture, bridges, road signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light, and shadow.

This quotes are gathered form various sources and sayings of some great influencers, celebrities and authors. These are not our thoughts and we are not here to defame any gender, caste, creed, religion, nation, person or identity here this is work for pure education.

27 Stealing quotes

You know, the ones that take your breath away, like soaking in a melting snow.

I have had that rush of knowing that you are doing something wrong, and getting away with it, like sneaking food out of a school lunchroom, or getting drunk on family vacation, and nobody knows.

I wish to toast lies, theft, cheating, and alcohol. An honorable man or woman is one who is truthful; who is free of deception; and above all tricks, lies, theft, or deception.

If Thou shall not covet, and Thou shall not steal, are not commands from heaven, then these should be made unalterable precepts in every society, before they may be civilized, or made free.

Like most things that are uncouth, theft is excusable in some circumstances.

Stealing photographs is like stealing something precious that the blind man does not even know they have.

Stealing quotes

The person stealing simply does not trust that God will supply it.

A person who steals does not believe God can make a table for him in the desert, so he makes a table of his own using the property of a neighbor.

A person who has never been to school might steal a boxcar; but if he has been educated at university, he might steal an entire railway.

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Theft captions and sayings

Terry Pratchett wouldn’t consider them acts of war, but I would consider them serious property damage, commercial theft.

Terry Pratchett believes that political deals based on violence, intimidation and theft will ultimately fail and deserve it.

It’s not just stealing someone’s work; it is the theft of all life.

We live in an age where if you let someone steal you, someone else will.

If we don’t act now to protect our privacy, we can all become victims of identity theft.

Like other forms of theft, identity theft leaves the victim poor and feels terribly offended.

Stealing quotes

Erasing all characters from a person’s face is the deepest form of identity theft that I can imagine.

The most serious identity theft is dissolving into other people’s perceptions of you.

I have lost my public self or have had it stolen from me. In a way, it was a form of identity theft.

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Stealing quotes and captions

Like most rude acts, stealing is forgivable under certain circumstances.

The person who steals simply does not believe that God can provide for him.

A person who steals does not believe that God can set a table for him in the desert, so he prepared a table for himself using the properties of his neighbor.

Stealing quotes

I don’t have to worry about identity theft because no one wants to be me.

Dearest, theft is self-preparation for tables so wicked, and tables like these will not endure.

No matter what else men can steal from you, they can never steal from you knowledge.

Stealing quotes

It is a lot of work writing and recording music, and stealing that is morally wrong.

Stealing ideas from one person is plagiarism; stealing from many is exploration.

One hour of life, filled with glorious activities, filled with noble risks, is worth years of these meager exercises in menial decorum, where men steal by existing, like slow water passing by marsh, neither honored nor observed.

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