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Think Like a Monk Book Review

Jay Shetty is a social media celebrity, storyteller, social media influencer and host of a podcast with a purpose. Before jumping into the book, let us know what is interesting about the author of this book, short if think like a monk. Jay Shetty has created over 400 viral videos with more than 5 billion views and hosts a podcast called Think Like A Monk. Think like a monk book consists of three parts: part one is about letting go, part two about growing and part three about giving. Each part has an immense explanation and deals with things that happen in our lives and this article is a think like a monk book review.

It reminds us that success is not a guarantee of happiness, but touches our minds and souls and leads us to our purpose and meaning and I also feel the same while doing my research for this Think like monk book review.

When I read that book I feel the enormous changes in mind and I started the core of human excellence and not just excellence I started analyze the difference between material life and spiritual of life.

Exercises, life experiences, quotes and quizzes help you to find the personality type that best suits you to find your purpose in life, and you know what we have found.

Expect this book to be a thorough read that will inevitably take days to read and weeks or months to implement the lessons it teaches. Part of the dismantling of the actions we do helps us understand our mind, purpose and healing.

Think like monk book review

Book is Inspiring for Inner self

It seems that many exaggerated books deal with this subject, but I love the way he brings monks and Buddhist teachings together on this subject and translates it into a modern context.

What makes Shetty’s book Think Like a Monk special is that he manages to wrap the wisdom he shares into entertaining bits that encourage people to question. Their existing value systems and look for new ways to look at the world.

While doing deep research for think like monk book review, I found that this is an inspiring and empowering book in which Shetty uses his time as a monk to show us how to remove obstacles to our potential and power.

The great thing about this book is that it is not just a philosophical concept. He gives instructions to the reader to try to apply the Principle to real life, and I think that is what makes this book so effective.

I found that the core wisdom is universally applicable to all topics such as relationships, purpose, and passion, which is consistent with other favorite books such as Purpose Driven: How Life Can be Solved and The Happy Path to Make Everything Clear.

Think Like a Monk Book Book Review

Think Like a Monk is a self-help bestseller that shows what he learned in India as a young man from three years with Hindu monks.

He brought back to England the fruits of his daily meditation practice and shared them with college friends who experienced a lot of stress at work.

Most of the time he fed the wrong wolf and continued to activate his monkey spirit (monk spirit), which we all carry within us.

The biggest aha moment in this part of the book was Shetty’s declaration of the circle of love. I have spent much of my life expecting the same level of love that I would give to a person for a person, even though I am actually blind to how love comes to me in different ways.

Shetty reconnected with an old school friend, like many others who work in the largest corporations in the world and were subjected to enormous stress, pressure and dissatisfaction, and he invited her to coach him on the welfare and purpose of mindfulness.

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Feed your Mind with Positive thoughts

Shetty says his experience as a monk helped her learn that our minds influence our values. We do not have to do everything with our minds, but our minds are the vehicle to decide what is important to us.

One way to ensure that you feed your mind with positive thoughts is to observe and evaluate. So I’ll share my point of view, as you might say, with a book review of Think Like a Monk. This is Jay Shetty’s first book and I found many things about it interesting and useful.

Think Like a Monk incorporates a combination of age-old wisdom and Jay Shetty’s personal experience. The aim of the Think Like a Monk book is to help individuals apply the monastic mentality to their lives.

The Book shows you how to remove obstacles to your potential, overcome negative thoughts, reach silence and create true goals.

Practical way to getting the Peace.

Jay Shetty provides a great framework for combining ancient wisdom with the practicality of life in the modern world. He distills the timeless wisdom he learned as a monk in practical steps to lead a less anxious and meaningful life every day. He also gives advice and exercises to relieve stress, improve self-discipline, and focus on nurturing relationships in this fast-changing world.

Jay Shetty is a global phenomenon and inspiring thinker on issues from gratitude and forgiveness to the treatment of anxiety and depression. His videos has than 6.5 billion times and he was number one on Facebook in 2018 with 360 million views. He is on a mission to share timeless wisdom with the world in an accessible, relevant and practical manner.

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Think Like a Monk Book Review : 4.5 out of 5

Jay Shetty has had phenomenal success, and it is clear that his way of thinking, his daily routines, practices and habits have helped shape that success. In its first year, his podcast On Purpose reached 5.2 million downloads and became the number one health podcast in the world. Jay Shetty leads us with warmth and clarity on the path to greater joy and determination and offers wisdom that can be rolled into practice.

At one point Jay Shetty is eighteen, listens to a monk and falls in love with his words. At this point he takes his first job and takes part in a round of clapping in the office, in which he criticizes their colleagues.

From his days in the ashram, when he tried to beat others, meditating over an hour, to his meeting with his future wife Radhi, events and their relevance to the topics discussed make this book a fascinating and interactive read.

When Jay talks about Dharma for example, he is talking about a British ex-partner with financial competence who decided to become a nun after a terrible incident in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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