Collection of Some Unlucky Quotes and Captions

Below you will find a collection of inspirational, joyful and inspirational failure quotes, unlucky quotes and failure quotes. Below we’ve put together a collection of wise, humorous and thought-provoking old sayings, proverbs and unfortunate quotes from multiple sources around the internet.

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31 Unlucky Quotes and Saying

Everyone at least once thought about it, if not, then you are lucky.

As we have seen, no one is lucky enough not to be born, everyone is unlucky to be born, and especially bad luck.

SOME PEOPLE are JUST born miserable – so miserable in fact that they do the exact opposite of what they should be doing at the most inopportune times.

People get lucky and unlucky not because of what they get, but because of the relationship between what they get and what they are made to expect.

Unlucky Quotes

No single person is always lucky or unlucky, because no one’s life is 100% stable, without ups and downs.

Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, sometimes you’re unlucky, but that’s life.

Unfortunately, sometimes your decision is not good and you feel like a failure.

Some people around the world are unfortunate enough to be stuck with bad political leadership and bad political institutions.

I was lucky—well, maybe unfortunate enough—to have a lot of friends who had No ups and downs.

There are only two types of actors: good actors and bad actors…lucky and unfortunate.

All artists have runners who are told what to do, corporate executives, lawyers, like this: if they meet the right people, they are lucky, if they are wrong, they are not.

There will always be the lucky good and the unfortunate sick, but division should never be defined in terms of privilege, knowledge, or otherwise.

Misfortune Quotes and Sayings

You can also be born lucky by being part of the “right” family heritage.

Magic is the sacraments, initiation into which not everyone will be lucky or unlucky.

Life is an adventure of our design, crossed by fate and a succession of happy and unfortunate events.

A book, like a man, is rich in one; he is lucky or unlucky precisely at the moment when he crosses our path, and often by some happy accident he has for us something more than his independent value.

Our actions seem to have their lucky and unfortunate stars, and much of that guilt and praise comes from the actions themselves.

There are no such unpleasant incidents that clever people could not take advantage of, and there are no such fortunate ones that fools could not turn them to their own harm.

There are no such unfortunate incidents, but a prudent one can gain some advantage.

My EX’s text moved me deeply and showed me why I was so unlucky in love.

We are getting ready to travel like those who say all these happy quotes below.

For some people, this may be unfortunate, and therefore, this is the last chance for them to get rid of unhappy things from life before the New Year.

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Unlucky Quotes

Even later – at least if we are lucky (or, conversely, unlucky) – it will be divided into those who have suffered pain and those who have not experienced it.

You just wish you had the time you waste like a quarter dollar in the ill-fated slot machine.

I’m alone, I’m tired, I’m sad, I’m happy, I’m lucky, I’m unlucky; there are a million different things every day of the week.

Unfortunate, marked by adversity or failure, an unlucky year or a year that can bring bad luck.

By the way, my definition of failure in love is having multiple partners, but always being able to sabotage the relationship in a surprisingly short amount of time.

A guy who is considered boring can even become great in life if luck is on his side, but even the smartest guy in the world leads a life full of suffering if bad luck embraces him.

We will say, however, that it is hard to imagine that luck could distinguish some people, such as those who, having gone into business, continue to face disaster after disaster, never having done anything wrong, quotes without quotes.

My unfortunate star led me from Hegel to Schopenhauer.

There was so much about Kant, too, that I could understand so little that, given his general sharpness of mind, I almost suspected that he was taunting readers or even an impostor.

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