26 Verbal abuse quotes to deal with negative comments

These abuse quotes are inspiring and provide insight into what many victims of abuse have experienced. Read the following emotional abuse captions and write down the ones that speak in a powerful way about you. We have compiled 29 powerful emotional abuse captions that will help you heal and find inner strength. If you want the emotional abuser in your life to better understand how they harm you, use one of the verbal abuse quotes to express your feelings.

26 Verbal abuse quotes

“Verbal abuse, characterized by hidden anger and hostility, is a destructive form of communication designed to damage the self-esteem of others and evoke negative emotions.”

You can learn to stop emotional abuse and deal with verbal abuse even before leaving an abusive relationship.

Recovering from abuse isn’t easy, but even if you’re living in an abusive relationship, you can move forward mentally and emotionally.

Ending an abusive relationship can break your heart more than letting someone break your heart every day. Don’t let someone abuse you morally just because you love them.

Verbal abuse can be extremely traumatic, completely destroying our peace of mind. Emotional abuse can have profound consequences, affecting the mind and soul of victims.

Victims of emotional abuse may experience more severe psychological reactions.

Psychological disability is one of the deadliest forms of emotional abuse. – verbal abuse quotes

Emotional abuse can include anything from verbal abuse to silent therapy, from domination to subtle manipulation.

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Victims of abuse may express their anger at the abuse inappropriately.

Abusive people quotes

Below are a few quotes about an abusive relationship which might be helpful for anyone who is struggling with how to handle it. Whether you are looking for a little relief and healing, or if you are the one being stressed out, these abusive relationship quotes can offer you some solace and hope.

Do not let someone mentally abuse you simply because you love them. You cannot force a partner to abuse you, nor can you force them to not abuse you.

If they are really good and loving, he is never going to abuse you in any way.

Abusers wait until they know that you are going to fight with leaving them in order to reveal their true selves.

As Chris Holm says, most people think the abusive person is actually the nice, loving guy that they fell for.

Many victims endure an abusive partner hoping they will patch things up and change in time.

This means many victims experience great shame, guilt, and other distressing emotions, even after leaving an abusive relationship. – verbal abuse quotes

Emotional abuse can take a profound toll, impacting both the victims mind and soul.

All relationships should be free from physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

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Verbal abuse quotes

“When silence or language jokes help sustain violence that needs to be mended or suffering that can be alleviated, then there is no other solution than to speak up and show the obscenity hidden under the veneer of words.”

Wanting to believe the best in the abuser, who is usually a person that you deeply love, is a big reason why people remain in violent relationships.

Emotional abuse is more painful than physical abuse because you are preoccupied with your thoughts.

If you are still recovering from psychological abuse or have not yet begun the healing process, a quote from a relationship expert or thought leader about emotional abuse can trigger a deep realization.

If you are involved in a violent relationship, you might be aware that abuse takes more forms than physical, it may also be mental and emotional. – verbal abuse quotes

Verbal abuse can be incredibly traumatizing, absolutely shattering our mental peace.

Abuse victims may express the anger they feel about being abused inappropriately.

You may be wondering why men and women would bully others, making them feel alternately loved and hated.

In fact, even among women who experienced violence by their partners, half or more reported the mens emotional abuse was the one that caused the most damage to them.

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