32 Vethathiri Maharishi Quotes: Discovering Wisdom

Explore the profound insights and timeless wisdom of Vethathiri Maharishi through a collection of quotes that illuminate simple yet profound truths, offering guidance and inspiration for a meaningful life.

32 Vethathiri Maharishi Quotes and Words

“Man, society, and nature are all forever interconnected. Man has an unbreakable connection to this.”

  1. Habit determines fate.

  2. Pain is caused by a short circuit in the blood/heat/air circulation.

  3. Karma Yoga superimposes good impressions over sin impressions.

  4. To live in harmony, refrain from commanding, commenting, or demanding.

  5. Nobody can take away something from you of what God has given you.

    Vethathiri Maharishi Quotes

  6. Unemployment and a lack of knowledge about how to earn a living will result in a criminal.

Vethathiri Maharishi’s Words 

“Greed, Anger, and Worry are the three primary ways in which man wastes his energy.”

  1. When you meditate, you gain God consciousness and unbroken peace.

  2. The fundamental universal principle is consciousness.

  3. There is no problem in nature; the only issue is in the mind.

  4. The Truth Seekers’ first understanding of a Phenomenon is thought force.

  5. Think positively, be happy, and spread happiness like the sun.

Vethathiri Maharishi’s Words

“Every problem has a solution; we just need to look for it while remaining calm.”

  1. Silence has great power. It allows us to better understand ourselves.

  2. Love and kindness improve the world for everyone.

  3. Meditation is a superpower that allows us to remain calm and focused.

  4. Nature is our friend; let us cherish and protect it.

  5. Smile frequently; it’s a simple way to spread joy.

Vethathiri Maharishi Quotes and Words

“Smile like the flowers. Even in tough times, find a reason to smile. It makes your heart feel lighter.”

  1. Patience is a virtue that will lead to success in everything we do.

  2. Balance is the key to living a happy life; balance your work, play, and rest.

  3. Every experience teaches us something new; learning never stops.

  4. Be thankful for what you have; it will bring you happiness.

  5. Respect others, and you will be respected in return.

  6. Enjoy the little things in life; simplicity is beautiful.

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Vethathiri Maharishi Quotes and Words

“Consider your mind to be a garden. Plant the seeds of good deeds, and you’ll soon have a garden full of joy.”

  1. Believe in yourself; you have the ability to realize your goals.

  2. Be as calm as a pond. You can see things more clearly when your mind is still.

  3. Make kindness and love rise in your heart every day, just as the sun does. – Vethathiri Maharishi quotes

  4. Think positively, and you will see a positive world. Your mind is a magical wand!

  5. Take care of your body and mind; health is wealth.

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