53 Vikram Sarabhai Quotes and Words: Exploring Wisdom

Vikram Sarabhai Quotes

Dive into the insightful world of Vikram Sarabhai through his inspiring quotes, captions, words, phrases, lines and messages. In simple English, discover the visionary thoughts of this renowned scientist and pioneer of India’s space program.

53 Vikram Sarabhai Quotes and Words

“If we are to play a meaningful role nationally, and in the community of nations, we must be second to none in the application of advanced technologies.”

  1. Dream big and aim high; the sky is not the limit, but rather the starting point.
  2. Curiosity is the key to unlocking the wonders of science, which is like a treasure hunt.
  3. Every problem presents an opportunity for innovation; don’t be afraid to try new approaches.
  4. Learning is a lifelong journey; every day is a new opportunity to learn something new.
  5. Believe in yourself, because self-confidence is the engine that propels you to success.
  6. Although the stars are far away, with determination, you can reach them and beyond.
  7. Teamwork is what makes the dream come true; together, we can accomplish great things.
  8. Accept failure as a stepping stone to success, and learn from every misstep.
  9. Be a lifelong learner; the more you know, the more you realize how much more there is to discover.
  10. Every question in the world of science contains a universe of possibilities.

Vikram Sarabhai’s Words 

“Basic social and economic change needs to brought about gradually and the more carefully and thoughtfully it is effected, the more permanent it will be.”

  1. Nature is the best teacher; pay attention to, appreciate, and learn from it.
  2. Strive for excellence rather than perfection; progress is the key to ongoing improvement.
  3. Each step forward in the dance of life is an opportunity to leave a positive imprint.
  4. Challenges are similar to puzzles; they must be solved with patience and persistence.
  5. Kindness spreads like sunshine; it brightens the world around you.
  6. It is not about knowing all the answers, but rather about asking the right questions.
  7. Discover your passion and allow it to propel you toward your objectives.
  8. Time is a valuable resource; use it wisely if you want to leave a lasting impression.
  9. Science is a universal language that bridges the gap between people and cultures.

Vikram Sarabhai’s Words

“My family was very unconventional. All through my childhood, I was brought up on doing what one felt was right rather than what necessarily society thought was appropriate.”

  1. Celebrate diversity; each person brings a distinct perspective to the table.
  2. Success is about more than just personal accomplishment; it is also about lifting others up along the way.
  3. Leave an inspirational legacy by inspiring others to dream, explore, and achieve.
  4. Dream big, work hard, and achieve the impossible.
  5. Science is for everyone’s benefit, and its fruits should be available to everyone.
  6. Space exploration is about more than just reaching the stars; it is also about better understanding our own planet.
  7. Education is the key to realizing a country’s full potential.
  8. Curiosity and the courage to pursue the unknown are the seeds of innovation.
  9. The youth are the torchbearers of social progress and change.

Vikram Sarabhai Quotes and Words

“There is no leader and there are no led. A leader, if one chooses to identify one, has to be a cultivator rather than a manufacturer. He has to provide the soil and the overall climate and environment in which the seed can grow.”

  1. Technology should serve humanity and improve people’s quality of life.
  2. The strength of a nation is found in its scientific and technological advancements.
  3. Think globally, act locally – resolving local issues helps to advance global progress.
  4. A nation’s strength is its unity in diversity, which fosters creativity and resilience.
  5. We look down on our scientists if they engage in outside consultation. We implicitly promote the ivory tower.
  6. He who can listen to the music in the midst of noise can achieve great things.
  7. I also believe that a person who does not have respect for time, and does not have a sense of timing, can achieve little.”
  8. Your imagination is your superpower; use it to create a better tomorrow.
  9. Our belief at Anand has always been: let the people’s energies be unleashed.
  10. When you stand above the crowd, you must be ready to have stones thrown at you.

Vikram Sarabhai Quotes and Words

“To create conditions for the application of science and scientists to the real problems of society, we have to encourage scientists to interest themselves in problems outside their field of specialisation.”

  1. The development of the nation is intimately linked with understanding and application of science and technology by its people.
  2. I have often claimed that I have had but one good idea in my life: that true development is the development of women and men.
  3. In implementing change, we need to apply ourselves to people before we apply ourselves to problems.
  4. The strength of an organisation can be judged by how well it can ride calamities.
  5. Education is the ticket to the future; invest wisely in it.
  6. India will not have to look abroad for its experts but will find them ready at hand.
  7. The benefits of the uses of outer space treaty accrue only through international cooperation based on interdependence.
  8. Be a good steward of the Earth; it is our only home.
  9. I believe that a person who does not have respect for time and does not have a sense of timing can achieve little.
  10. Experience is less relevant than knowledge and the ability to learn and to innovate.

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