Yashaswini Desaigowdar Biography and Life Story

Yashaswini Desaigowdar was the second wife of the famous director Puttanna Kanagal. Yashaswini Desaigowdar retired from the film industry in 1987, married Chandrashekar Desaigowdar and moved to the United States, where she has lived ever since.

She retired from the film industry in 1987, married Chandrashekar Desaigowdar and moved to the United States, where Yashaswini Desaigowdar has lived ever since. Aarati (born 1954) is an Indian actress-turned-director, working primarily on films in the Kannada language. His daughter Yashasvini holds an MA in Creative Writing from Brown University, USA. History writer.

Yashaswini Desaigowdar Life Story

Aarati (born 1954) is an Indian actress who acted primarily in films in the Kannada language during the 1970s and 1980s. Aarati is a renowned Indian actress and director working primarily in the Kannada film industry. She has won the Filmfare Awards South and the Karnataka State Film Awards for Best Actress four times each. Aarati married A. Harati Ravi, also known as Aarti, an Indian film actress and TV presenter who has worked in Tamil films and television dramas.

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Yashaswini Desaigowdar file photo

Yashaswini and Karanvir Malhotra shared their experience of filming the film. When she started shooting under my direction in 2012, she dreamed of winning medals for India and winning the gold at the World Junior Championships in 2017 was a very special moment for her. In 2012, Yashasvini began to compete at a professional level.

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Professional Work

Sulakshana is an Indian film and television actress who has appeared in films and TV series in Tamil Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada. She won silver in the junior category at the 2014 Asian Championships and helped the women’s team win bronze at the ISSF Junior World Championships that same year. His gold medal went to the entire country, ”he told Chandigarh Newsline.

After Yashaswini Desaigowdar won the gold medal at the 2019 World Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Desval was thrilled. Putanna’s first Kannada film as director was Bellimoda (Silver Cloud) 1967. However, another important factor in choosing Yashasvini to start filming was India’s success at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Team gold later in Gabala, Azerbaijan.

She also starred in some Tamil short films and on the net … Yashaswini Desaigowdar is well known for her Tamil series Pandawar Illam on Sun Tv. This film was produced by N. Weeraswamy and directed by Puttanna Kangal. Aarati has received many awards. Besides Kannada, she has also starred in Tamil films such as Gumasthavin Magal and Telugu films such as Vooriki Upakari. Legendary Tamil director K. Balachander, winner of the 2010 Dadasheb Phalke Prize, praised Puttanna.

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Yashaswini Desaigowdar Awards

Karnataka State annually honors filmmakers and personalities with the Puttanna Kanagal Prize in her memory at the Karnataka State Awards Ceremony. Aarti Subash is an Indian TV presenter and actress working in the Tamil television industry. Two years later, Yashaswini Desaigowdar succumbed to his disappointment by winning a silver medal in the individual and team events at the 2016 ISSF Junior World Championships held in Suhl, Germany.

In addition, in both the Puttanna films and Balachander’s films, women’s issues are touched upon, especially in the Puttanna films. His Kannada-based film Gejje Pooje, based on the novel of the same name by M. K. Indira, is considered a benchmark. However, the Puttana films were seen as a bridge between commercial and alternative cinematography.

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