How to Become Successful in Life [4 Step guide]

Hey guys I am not a successful person but I read 50+ successful peoples biography and I am going to write a short summary of my experience here which helps you alot and I am 100% sure that you will enjoy this. There are 4 rules about how to become successful in life.

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“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

— Steve Jobs
successful man steve jobs
Be a successful and create history

#1 Disappear for six months: first rule to become a successful in life.

May be you heard this line before but trust me this is one of the best way to find your passion and practice your passion coz life is all about finding passion and practice it until master this to become successful in life. Many great people like Elon Musk, Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Narendra Modi, Nikola Tesla and many legends once disappeared for a while. What did they do in this time?

They do nothing but they disappear themselves from world and went here and there to search for meaning of their life and after finding there mission and passion they started working on their passion for years.

You have to find your passion until passion finds you and if can’t find your passion wrong passion will find you and destroy you.

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#2 Keep Your Faith in God : 2nd Rule to become successful in life

This is the best practice to do if you want to be successful in your life. Study shows that who believe in god and his power are more successful in their life.

Michael McCullough, professor at the University of Miami, evaluated eight decades worth of research on religion,

which has been conducted in diverse samples of people from around the world.

He found persuasive evidence from a variety of domains within the social sciences, including neuroscience, economics, psychology, and sociology, that religious beliefs and religious behaviors are capable of encouraging people to exercise self-control.

This is a good practice for all and it provides mental stability with Self-control which is so important to become successful in life.

in loving memory of Steve Jobs.

#3 Be a Giver : 3rd Rule for Become successful in life

If you notice that every successful people is a Giver. He try to help people for No reason. Many successful people run NGOs. Donate money on various occasions as well.

What do you think, from where did they got this Wonderfull Quality?

They all were giver from the beginning of there life. They develop this habit from years.

If you have this all qualities in you, congratulations you are in the 2% of the population. Trust me you can be a successful person in your life.

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#4 Imagine yourself what to you want to be: 4th rule

Imagine yourself a successful person and practice this everyday and see the results. I am sure that it will help you. This practice is one of the great practice of the world.

Power of subconscious mind is great book on this topic and read this book. This practice build your faith in yourself and one day you will see the results.

Thank God for Everything you have one day. Tell him to give power to do something extraordinary.

I will cover more points in next post. Have a great day. Thank you.

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