Bajrangbali Quotes: Inspiring Words from Lord Hanuman

Bajrangbali, also known as Lord Hanuman, is a revered figure in Hindu culture known for his loyalty, strength, and devotion. His teachings and stories have inspired generations, and his words continue to provide guidance and motivation to those who seek it. Here are some inspiring Bajrangbali quotes and captions that will uplift your spirits and inspire you to be your best self.

33 Bajrangbali quotes and captions

“Hanuman is a Hindu deity, and one of the primary deities in the Hindu pantheon. He is known for his devotion and skill with a bow and arrow, which he uses to kill demons.”

Your mind is a sacred space, and you have the right to go in and out of it as you please.

When the mind is free, it is free anywhere.

You can’t be what you can’t see.

Be who you are, even if that means being at home in an empty room.

What’s difficult about being yourself? – Bajrangbali quotes

Hanuman is a god of strength and courage. He is also known as ‘The One-Armed’. His name means ‘Strong as a lion’.

Hanuman gained his fame by killing Ravan’s army during the battle of Lanka. This battle has been described as an epic tale in Indian culture.

Bajrangbali quotes and captions

Whatever work you do, do it with your power. Hanuman ji also burnt Lanka with his power.

Hanuman ji quotes and captions

“Nothing is impossible without power and penance. Hanuman ji had burnt Lanka with his courage and strength with his power and penance.”

No work is impossible without devotion and devotion. Hanuman ji found Sita Mata with his devotion and devotion.

If we lose our motivation, we will not be able to do anything. Hanuman ji saved Sita Mata from Ravana with his motivation and courage. – Bajrangbali quotes

Nothing is impossible with a true devotion. Hanuman ji did everything for Rama with his true devotion.

Nothing is impossible for one who has faith in his heart. Hanuman ji did everything for Rama with his faith and devotion.

Hanuman ji showed that if we work sincerely for our goal, we can definitely achieve it.

Nothing is impossible if we use our will power in the right place. Hanuman ji saved Sita Mata with his will power.

Bajrangbali quotes and captions

“The one who fights for his religion with his strength and penance, always wins. Hanuman ji did everything for Ram with his strength and penance.”

Hanuman ji showed that if we fight for our religion and truth in the right way, we can always win.

Nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves. Hanuman ji believed in himself and got Sita Mata.

Hanuman ji showed that nothing is difficult for us if we worship our Guru and God.

All sorrows go away on hearing the name of Hanuman ji. – Bajrangbali quotes

Doing devotion to Hanuman ji helps in crossing the Bhavsagar.

Every difficulty becomes easy with the power of Hanuman ji.

Seeing Hanuman ji gives peace of mind.

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Bajrangbali quotes and captions

“One who works with his will and determination can never give up. Hanuman ji had burnt Lanka with his will and determination.”

By meditating on Hanuman ji, man’s intelligence becomes sharp.

Life becomes happy by bowing down at the feet of Hanuman ji.

The worshipers of Hanuman ji never face any trouble. – Bajrangbali quotes

With the grace of Hanuman ji all troubles go away.

Life becomes easy by receiving the grace of Hanuman ji.

The mind gets strength by chanting the mantra of Hanuman ji.

All wishes are fulfilled by worshiping Hanuman ji. – Bajrangbali quotes

Keeping the idol of Hanuman ji in the house keeps auspicious effect in the house.

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