Health Benefits of burning incense

What are the Benefits of burning incense?

Throughout history, there are lot health and spiritual benefits of burning incense has been practiced in many religions and cultures in order to purify the air while conducting certain sacred ceremonies or rituals. Incense was and is used in different forms, including sticks and incense cones, to release smoke as well as fragrance into a space.

The purpose is to light the incense using a flame and then fanning the flame out so that it smolders. This leaves the glowing ember behind that smokes gradually, releasing the soft fragrance. It actually helps in creating a feeling of sanctity and elicits the spiritual mood in you. Today it is considered as the major part of our rituals and used to cleanse the atmosphere and reduce tension and stress.

There are many people around the globe who believe that the benefits of burning incense has a curative affect and moreover its transient aroma creates an ambiance inspired with serenity, creativity and good health.

The significance of this is, there are certain substances when they burn, and one thing is there is fragrance, of course, which is pleasant for the nostrils. And there are a lot of benefits of incense burning is about the atmosphere, not about you, because different spaces, indoors especially, in different spaces there are different kinds of… one thing it smells. The shape and size of the room will do this.

This is why there is such an attention to the shape and size of the room. Rooms need to be ventilated like two walls are open or huge windows should be there, it should feel like outdoor but, different. Most homes are not made this way, because they have neighbors. You can’t open too many windows. Too many openings won’t work. There is weather, there are many things, And there is air conditioning Worse.

So different shapes and sizes kind of create different kinds of energy structures. The different kind shapes can produce different kind of energy and also poses some psychological and emotional energy state.

Health benefits of Burning Sambrani incense

So, certain substances like sandal in India, there is something called “sambrani” (Benzoin) which is a very powerful thing, which is used even when people are ill. It’s also kills certain types of bacteria in nearby atmosphere, and also on surface, and also a health benefit for the sick person in house burning of sambrani incense it makes recovery of patient faster.

Sambrani also used in an auspicious event to make environment more delightful. It’s a certain kind of resin, which, us… a tree drips. Well in this pursuit of sambrani, you will see in the forest there are

health benefits of burning sambrani incense

Massive trees. People would have carved into the tree because the trees look solid outside but inside there is a cavity. In that cavity, it will be dripping this resin. We do not know, at least I do not know, what is the natural reason why these resins come out, but people go and gather this.

It’s a precious little material and you have to walk miles and miles to get substantial amount of resin, because these trees have to be mature. That means they must be at least over thirty to fifty years old.

Otherwise you don’t get it. This has a powerful impact and benefits on the atmosphere of burning incense. Sambrani  is not necessarily a fragrance. It is a different kind of thing that it clarifies the air. It just makes the atmosphere feel more lively. Fundamentally, it whatever structures that are there, it will make indoor like outdoor.

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Short Guide to Use of sambrani Incense

You shouldn’t put too much, then you will become in an unconscious condition or you sneeze a lot. Just a mild or small amount of sambrani in the house will make it feel like more lively, though you feel like you’re at outdoor unstructured space. Especially if death happens in the family, sambrani is burnt for up to eleven to twelve days to clean up that air completely.

Negatives of chemical based incense

Incense burning has a certain impact, benefits, but don’t overdo it. It should not be over-certified. It has certain impact. One can use it in a sensible manner. But, these days incense is being made with chemical stuff.

Best you don’t burn those things. It’s very, very important before, now a days huge amount of chemically made synthetic incense are available in market, in industry, in the factory floor that you may be working, wherever, there’s enough chemicals floating around.

At least within your house, we did not use chemically made incense and resins in our house. Synthetic incense may cause some disease or may cause some breathing or allergic issues to asthmatic patients. You must check before burn incense, make sure that incense and resin is made up of natural ingredients or plant based products should be used. Chemical may cause some very negative impact on our physiological and psychological effects on our body.

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So, it must be natural resin or certain other oils, essential oils and things which can be used instead of burning synthetic resins or incenses. A mild change in our life can play a very crucial role. It helps definitely.

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