Why and How You should Use Incense Burner

How to Use incense burner

Incense burner have been around for thousands of years since the ancient Egyptians in fact prehistoric tombs of the Egyptians have found this kind of incense inside the actual tombs so what are they and why people have been using them for so long the first step is the light all are now these are instant burning coals so all you need to do is put on constant flame, and you’re well on your way.

And  the pole is placed in this which is a traditional burner together with in, so incense it was the so now the incense coal is burning which is wait until it completely turns white which means it’s ready to be placed or burning flick.

The incense coils comes in all different shapes and sizes from the solid state to the more powder dip each of these has different mix of fragrances and compound at this point as the incense thought the burning.

Perfect Replacement for Room Fresheners

This moment or naproxen surrounding area so unlike in air-freshener you don’t have to put effort spraying everywhere this smell stays inside for long periods of time if you think about smokers when someone has a cigarette it stays on the door agency this works in exactly the same way except this approach Isis smell

ceramic incense burner with cone

 In other word this comes from a tree called the aquiLaria tree and this is the basis of all the
form and is burn exactly the same way as normal wood burns but it’s  really smell nice and soothing. Other perfumes old can be mixed in with other chemicals to produce these fragrances.

Incense burner cone

Incense burners are available in each form, style, and color possible. There square measure incense burners for stick incense, coil incense, and organic compound incense. You needn’t store incense burners away or hide them in an exceedingly corner. The burners themselves is nice focal points in your ornament. There square measure incense burner boxes, bowls, statues, bottles, carvings, and hangings. From in an elaborate way elaborate, to sleek and straightforward, there is associate degree incense burner to match your ornament and set the proper mood.

Role of incense burning

Incense plays important role in religious ceremonies and rites of people in the world. In Indian culture immense amount of incense is burn every single day in every religious temples in India. It is always integral part it the life of people in India.

In some Asian countries like China, Nepal, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore  where the floral perfumes were blended with sandalwood to make good quality of fragrance. Incense burners are place in their houses to make the aroma good also use for worships.


Burning incense sticks plays an important role in every religion of the world like Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jain, and Sikh. All religions pay equal attention to burning incense sticks for worship.

Scientifically proven benefits of incense burner

Relax and unwind yourself by burning incense while you were sitting in evening with a cup tea or coffee its calms our mind and provides peace to our body.

 While studying for exams burning incense reduces nervousness, stress, anxiety and produce peace in our mind and re charge our battery and again increases focus on our study.

Incense can be use while doing yoga practice its produce mindfulness and ready your body to doing something great and motivates yourself to perform best in particular yoga sessions.

Burning incense helps in mindfulness, stimulate creativity, increase focus, aid sleep, cultivate new  interest, air purification etc

Different types of incense burner

1. Abalone shell incense burner

These make the perfect burners for many different types of incense. Often times used to hold smoldering or smudge sticks, even sweet-grass blades or to burn herbs, resin, or any other type of non-combustible incenses in these beautiful burners. Remember, if you are using anything other than standard incense, you should try to insulate the bottom of the abalone shell with ash or sand.

This will make sure that the shell will survive the increased temperatures of the smoldering incense. They fit almost any lifestyle, with a certain elegance that only they can offer a room.


2. The bowl burner

It can be used for different types of incense. They are made up of either ceramic or brass, with a designer top hood or an ornate hanging chains along with a lid to make them much safer. Place incense resin on mount and then lit up with candle or burning torch and hand it or place it at one place and enjoy the fragrance of happiness.  

3. Box burner

This is another type of ash-catching incense burner. It normally includes a top as well as a bottom, and an enclosed storage box on the underside. Typically found carved out of wood with different paint or finishes; they can become a tasteful part of your home.

4. Combination incense burners

This are a great way to get the most bang for your buck. They can handle more than one type of incense, which will widen your horizons on the different kinds of atmosphere you are going for. Some may be cone-burners with perforated lids, or even a flat disk that has various holes to hold more than one incense at a time.

The most common combination burner is that of a bowl-shaped burner. Often times with holes in the side for stick incense along with the well within the middle to burn ash, or even coil incense.

5. Clay and stone incense burner

They are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to fulfill your demand and your type of taste. While some may have two or three different sized holes for accommodating different types of incense sticks; others may simply be single-incense stick burners. Regardless, they are still a favorite among fragrance lovers.

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