Some Cool Love Is Blind Quotes and thoughts

A quote that is an ingenious interpretation of the belief that love is blind, thanking your partner for being there when you didn’t see yourself as an attractive person. Another best collection of love is blind quotes that tell you that love is not really blind but actually chooses to ignore flaws.

Best Love is Blind Quotes

Love isn’t really blind, but it’s a great conscience that allows you to see things that others just don’t see.

This is one of Julins Gordon’s quotes about blind love, which basically explains why love is considered blind.

Love is not blind; Love simply allows you to see what others cannot see.

It is not love that is blind, it is only the invisible eye that cannot see the true qualities of people.

Love is blind simply means that a person who is engulfed in love tends to be so focused on love that they usually do not see the flaws, imperfections, or even the pain it causes.

It is said that love is blind, but I know that some lovers have a double vision for their lovers, just like me.

Yes Love is blind but sad part is no body gonna love ugly faces.

best love is blind quotes

Beauty Got Love why? Because love is f..k..n blind.

Love is not a drug that makes you close your eyes to the environment.

love is blind quote

Yes, you can do it, but unfortunately – love can go beyond that.

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Lines from love is blind

Love is always blind until the heart sees the future of the person you love.

I tell people that only love has eyes; everything but love is blind.

The only blind part of love is the endorphins and the initial rush of madness; after it’s gone, no one really knows you, warts and all, like the one who loves you really loves you.

Love is far from being blind, it is an emotion that allows us to see.

Love does not see with the eyes, but with the mind, so it is a winged cupid drawn by a blind man.

Religion is like a blind man who searches in a black room for a black cat that is not there and finds it.

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You shouldn’t be so blinded by patriotism that you can’t face the truth.

I urge you not to hate, because hatred leaves no room for a person to be righteous and blinds and closes all doors of thought.

By condemning others, we turn a blind eye to our own evil and to the grace to which others have the same right as we do.

Now I think that love is more deaf than blind, because otherwise it could not be that the one I adore so despised me and rejected my love.

All I know is that I was blind but now I see; that even if I kick and scream, love guides me.

True love is considered the most tender of our feelings, even the blind and deaf know this; but I know, as few believe, that true friendship is even more tender.

best love is blind quotes

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Love is blind quotes

Anyone who has been blindly in love with someone, for them we noted that the best love is blind quotes and love is blind sayings that perfectly illustrate the concept of love is blind.

When they think of the best Love Is Blind actors, fans want to see people who don’t mind being vulnerable, but who are fun to watch.

Love may be blind, but if you’ve ever met a blind person, it still knows where everything is.

How sad is the heart that does not know how to love, that does not know what it is to be drunk with love.

The heart deceives the mind, where the eyes have become deaf to the words that have fallen on blind ears to fall in love easily.

The phrase “love is blind” is what friends say in response to such things as the apparent incompatibility between couples; someone’s stupid behavior as a result of falling in love; not be practical about the consequences of what they do because they are in love, and all kinds of things that people do because of this agitated state.

best love is blind quotes

Love is not blind it is a well settled scam.

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