Best Universal Truth Quotes

Universal Truth Quotes

Here we share some 16 inspiring universal truth quotes that are true and can help us learn about our lives.

They know that love is not a mere feeling, but the ultimate truth in the heart of the universe. 

Beauty is the ideal, the perfect harmony of universal beings, and truth is the perfect understanding of the universal spirit. 

Spiritual truths are diametrically opposed to the values of our contemporary culture and to the way in which they force people to behave.

Universal Truth Quotes

I think it’s a universal truth that most chefs I know like to eat simple, unadorned, good things. 

Try to see the truth of every situation for what it is, and make things universal. 

Universal Truth Quotes

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Truth is objective, God exists within ourselves, truth is universal, God is truth, and the constant God is eternal.

There are many such facts in the world that are true and universally accepted. 

Universal Truth Quotes

But the more universal the truth you give in a novel, the more you can give in journalism. 

This applies to all possible cases of human truth, but the most universal application is the one about which most people know very little. 

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When people ask for advice, they want your advice to be consistent with what they want, no matter what you say. 

Life is one big board game, and you have to survive it well from start to finish. 

Those who expose themselves to the known truth lose the battle of innocence and humility and press on the universe.

Universal Truth Quotes

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The universal truth is the simplicity of the acoustic guitar. 

The piano is able to convey subtle universal truths through the wood and metal vibrating in the air. Anyone who knows the history of science realizes that mortality is an asserted universal truth.

I believe that the universe is infinite and that there are infinite possibilities for dreams.

Belief in the possibility of continuous and rigorous investigation does not limit access to truth as a channel in the scheme of things. It does not say that the truth is universal, but merely adds a path to it.

Universal Truth Quotes

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