38 Best Nobody cares quotes to understand the world

Share this article with the people you really care about and let me know which reason matters most to you in the comments section. List of 38 most famous quotes and sayings about no one cares about you but yourself to read and share with your friends on facebook, twitter, blog. It doesn’t matter what other people think, because at the end of the day, everyone is so worried about themselves and how they behave that no one really judges how much you all think of them.

In reality no one cares quotes

“To express what you may be feeling, I will share about 50 weird quotes about why no one cares about you or me. One of my great discoveries was that no one cares if you write your novel or not.”

The only thing you need is to stay motivated and introspective because no one really cares.

If no one understands you, if no one cares how you feel, if no one appreciates you, don’t waste your time and effort again.

Don’t sacrifice too much, because if you sacrifice too much, you won’t be able to give anymore and no one will take care of you.

Nobody Cares Quotes
Nobody cares quote for Instagram

At the end of the race no one cares how you started, so focus on the laser and finish with confidence.

Nobody cares that you are unhappy, so you can be happy.

There will be times in life when people who really shouldn’t care, don’t care at all.

Nobody cares what others think anymore; they are all about themselves.

No one thinks, feels, or cares anymore; no one cares and believes in anything but their own tame god, damn mediocrity.

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Nobody Cares thoughts and saying

“You’ve heard complaints that no one knows the names of the astronauts, that no one cares about launches, that no one cares except people in the industry.”

Anonymity gives you a lot of freedom because nothing is expected of you; Nobody gets anything in return, and nobody cares.

No one but you and your caddy cares what you do there, and if your caddy bets against you, he doesn’t care either.

The more you expect these people to care, the more you communicate your plans… and the more trouble you get.

Nobody Cares Quotes

Quotes from the book Nobody Cares About Me, it doesn’t mean you don’t care, it just says don’t expect too much.

If breakfast isn’t something truly exciting, don’t tweet me your breakfast, I don’t care.

If you think I care about everyone but no one cares about me, then you are not alone, we all think that at some point in our life, like when we feel lonely or expect more care or love from others.

Sometimes I feel like no one cares about me anymore, I’m no longer special to anyone.

No one cares about your wardrobe, how your tie looks, or even if you’re wearing it, I don’t care.

I want to do good things, even if no one cares, not to do bad things.

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No one Cares Saying

“There’s no better time to hear “no one cares, work harder” than when you come up with a bunch of ridiculous excuses for why you can’t do something.”

Don’t be afraid to create beautiful things, even if no one seems to care.

Someone who loves you will discover beautiful things in you… things you’ve never seen before… things no one cares about.

This anthology of quotes from the phrase “no one cares” shows us that the greatest human desire is to be loved and to care for others.

In fact, no one is interested in quotes about your feelings, but this is not always depressing, sometimes it is also very pleasing.

One minute it seems like everyone on the web loves you, but the next moment, not so much.

Of course, you have worked very hard, but no one cares what you have done in the last few weeks or months, because they do not even see it.

Nobody Cares Quotes

You are in the dark when you are still needed, but no one cares what you say or think, or even where you work from.

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Nobody Cares Quotes

“If you have followed a complaint for a long time and as a result have received little or no support and have been repeatedly asked to leave and move on, consider the possibility that this is because “no one cares” rather than because you are a giant.”

If you think no one cares if you’re alive, try losing a couple of car payments.

Between 5,000 and 6,000 people die each year waiting for organs, but no one cares.

Because those who suffer often do not suffer because of the person or group that is causing the suffering; they seem to suffer because no one cares about them.

Mitch is just one of those people that everyone talks about well and no one cares about; that everyone is happy to see and no one remembers to speak.

No one cares what battles were fought, who won and who lost, unless there is a picture, play, song or poem about the event.

A star is created carefully and cold-bloodedly, out of nothing, by no one.

You can say I don’t want to, I don’t care, you can throw a tantrum and no one cares.

Regardless of illness, circumstances or intuition, you are never ready to agree never to see someone again, to have nothing but a few last conversations and memories.

In ten million years, when the sun goes out and the Earth is just a ball of ice hurtling through space, no one will care if I got this guy out or not.

Nobody Cares Quotes

No citizen is bothered by the idea that a problem a person has cannot in itself arouse a sense of interest or concern in others.

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